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Updated version of KeionDryke's "Dialogue Changes Full For 1.1" which was made to go with Adarins Girl mods. I fixed a lot of text, let me know if you find something!

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  • Russian
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  • Mandarin
  • German
IS KeionDryke 
you can download their mod here, but it hasn't been updated since Nov. 2016

I recently started playing modded Stardew and this was one of the mods I installed.
I noticed there were some minor bugs and decided to fix them myself, then I saw that other people noticed more bugs and tried fixing as many as I could. If you download my version, it has all the fixes you need that I have noticed. If you find any more bugs, post them and I'll try to fix them.  All updates will have all files required, so if you missed an older version, don't worry!

Content Patcher

Female Bachelors Beach Sprites
Seasonal Female Bachelor Outfits

Please endorse these mods, and give kudos to the authors
Adarin's Girl mod - portraits and sprites
rekooooon's Shane girl mod - portraits and sprites
farmerjack's Shane Joja mart sprite

1.) Download one of the two main files
2.) Open and extract the one you want into your "Mods" folder

Known Bugs:
1. Dialogue from villagers telling you what other villagers like or love may say the wrong name, this is due to Stardew pulling internal names instead of display names for people who play in English.
*Pathos has added it to the modding wishlist meaning it could get fixed in a future version of SDV

Things I found and fixed:


Fixed Sabrina's 2 Heart Event
Fixed Hospital event constantly referring to Harriet as a "he"
Fixed "George should follow Dr. Harvey's advice." to "Dr. Harriet's advice."
Fixed Sam saying "And Sebastian seemed to really want her in the band" to "And Sabrina"
Fixed Sam saying "Maybe I shouldn't push Sebastian in the water after all" to "Sabrina" during dance of the moonlight jellies
Fixed ItemDelieveryQuests reffering "Harriet" to "Harvey", "Sebastian" to "Sabrina"
Fixed "Harvey's Clinic" to "Harriet's Clinic"
Fixed "Home of Robin, Demetrius, Sebastian, & Maru" to "Home of Robin, Demetrius, Sabrina, & Maru"
Fixed "Dr. Harvey charge me" to "Dr Harriet"
Fixed "I have no money, but Harvey was obligated to save my life free of charge" to "Dr. Hariett"
Fixed "Elliot's Cabin" to "Elena's Cabin"
Fixed Emily saying "Don't overwork yourself or you might end up in Harvey's clinic!" to Harriet's clinic"
Fixed Sabrina marriage dialogue referring to Sam as a "he"
Changed Sabrina marriage dialogue saying "I don't want to get soft now that I'm a married guy." to "I don't want to be a pansy now that I'm married."
The bulletin board says their female names instead of their regular names

Added files I forgot

Fixed inside house text like ""It's Harvey's model airplane collection." to Harriet's, and things like "Elliot's work desk. It's covered in notes and crumpled papers." to Elena's.
Fixed Sam being the "son" of Jodi and Kent to "daughter" 
Fixed Sabrina being the "half-brother" to Maru, to "half-sister"
Possibly fixed Alex being the "grandson" to Evelyn and George to "granddaughter" (not sure if it is working, so if an event pops up saying "grandson" let me know!)

Added a bunch of missing files I forgot to transfer from the original outdated mod
Changed Sam saying "I'd never thought I'd become such a family man, but I'm really satisfied with what we've built here. Life is going great." to "I never thought I'd have such a big family, but I'm really satisfied with what we've built here. Life is going great."
Changed Harriet saying "So far I really like being a father!" to "So far I really like being a mother!"
Changed Alex saying ""How's it going? I've been carrying the old gridball around with me all day. A guy can pretend..." to "A girl can pretend"
Fixed the choice when Alex asks "Do you think I'll ever turn pro?" from "No, you'll most likely fail and become a salesman." to "saleswoman"

Fixed George saying "grandaughter" to "granddaughter"
Fixed Sabrina's 6 Heart Event saying "Sebastian" to "Sabrina"

Changed text from "Husband and husband" to "Husband and wife" since most people using this mod are probably not trying to marry Shane. 
Fixed Sam's six heart event from saying "Don't blame Sam. There's nowhere else for him to ride!" to "her"
Changed "boyfriend" to "girlfriend" and "husband" to "wife" (this would call Shane a girlfriend and wife) 
Swapped having a child with adoption text

Fixed a major bug caused by the old "NPCDispositions "causing sprites to be messed up during marriage!

Fixed a white spot in Sabrina's portrait
Fixed an event with Shane where he says "Harvey" and "he" instead of "Harriet" and "she"

Fixed Vincent referring to Sam as "big brother" in Penny 8 heart event

Fixed Jas calling Harriet "Harvey" on their checkup
Fixed Jodi calling Harriet "Harvey" on their checkup
Fixed Caroline calling Harriet "Harvey" on their checkup
Fixed Demetrius calling Harriet "Harvey" on their checkup
Fixed Evelyn calling Harriet "Harvey" on their checkup
Fixed Leah calling Harriet "Harvey" on their checkup
Fixed Lewis calling Harriet "Harvey" on their checkup
Fixed Marnie calling Harriet "Harvey" on their checkup
Fixed Sabrina calling Harriet "Harvey" on their checkup

Fixed in Sam's room where you interact with her computer it now says "she's got" instead of "he's got

Fixed Vincent referring to Sam as "he" in Penny's eight heart event

Updated to 1.3
Made separate files for Stardew 1.3, and Stardew 1.2
Fixed Haley calling Alex a "he" in 1.2
Fixed "Harvey looks busy right now." in 1.2

For 1.3:
Fixed Sam saying "I'm a healthy boy" at doc visit
Fixed Sam saying "I gotta visit uncle doctor"
Fixed Sabrina saying "I have to see Doctor Harvey"
Fixed Caroline saying "Doctor Harvey"
Fixed Demetrius saying "Doctor Harvey"
Fixed Sam saying "my name 'Sam' is short for 'Samson'" to "Samantha" 
Fixed Sam saying "I've been friends with Sebastian" to "Sabrina"
Fixed Alex saying "Why does sebastian wear black all the time" to "Sabrina"
Fixed Sam crashing when on gameboy outside
Fixed Sabrina referring to the male player as "another guy" in 10 heart event


Mod only supports 1.3 now
Changed the dialogue for Alex (if you're playing a female) asking if you have a "bikini" instead of a "bathing suit."
Changed the dialogue for Alex saying "If my hair wasn't so popular with the men" to "If my hair wasn't so popular with the guys"
Changed the dialogue for Alex saying "I put too much gel in my hair today." to "I put too much hairspary in my hair today."
Changed the dialogue for Alex saying "Do you think the ladies like my hair?" to "guys"
Changed the dialogue for Alex saying "I'm trying to stay manly" to "I'm trying to stay healthy"
Changed the dialogue for Alex saying "Those jumpsuits are pretty tight" to "Those dresses are pretty tight" in reference to the flower dance
Changed the dialogue for Alex saying "stay-at-home dad" to "stay-at-home mom"
Alex will now say "It's wasn't fun being pregnant." if you're playing as a male, and says "I wonder what it's like to be pregnant...?" when you play a female
Changed the dialogue for Abigail saying "I was very good friends with Sebastian before we met. He was probably the one" to "Sabrina" and "She"
Changed the dialogue for Elena saying "I could've sworn I heard a ''" to "I could've sworn I heard a ''"
Changed the dialogue for Harriet saying "As your husband and doctor" to "As your wife and doctor"
Changed the dialogue for Maru saying "If my brother wasn't such a hermit I'd invite him over" to "sister" and "her"
Changed the dialogue for Maru saying "I wonder if my brother" to "I wonder if my sister"
Changed the dialogue for Sam saying "The cold air makes my hair gel freeze" to "hair spray"
Changed the dialogue for Robin saying "I think the farm life is really healthy for Sebby" to "Sabby"
Changed the dialogue for Robin saying "I miss my Sebby" to "Sabby"
Changed the dialogue for Robin saying "Sebby, I know you don't like it when I come in here" to "Sabby"
Fixed broken beach event w/ Willy
Fixed an issue with the Events file
Changed the dialogue from "Aw, I gotta put that dorky suit on again?" to "dress"
Changed the dialogue from "Give his secret gift" to "her"
Changed the dialogue from "He thought everyone forgot, but then you show up with a nice gift" to "she"
Changed the dialogue from "having a conversation with a man" to "lady"
Changed the dialogue from "I see you and a certain young man" to "young lady"
Changed the dialogue from "now what's this young man's name?" to "young lady"
Changed the dialogue from "wife and wife" to "wife and..., well, wife" instead (that's what stardew does by default when two females get married)
Changed Sabrina's item quest to say her name properly
Changed Sam's item quest from "cute girl" to "cute boy"
Changed the locker so Alex's locker is no longer in the men's lockeroom and is now in the female's.
Changed the dialouge in the letter from Alex's mom to refer to him as a her
Changed the dialogue in Alex's drawer to say hairspray instead of gel
Changed the dialogue when interacting with Alex's helmet to say "Looks like she keeps it polished"
Changed a SDV typo not capitalizing the f in "Friday" when Abigial talks about going out
Changed the dialogue for Alex from"If you weren't a girl I would play catch with you" to "I'd ask you to play catch, but you seem too girly."
Fixed some dialogue during Penny's 8 heart event that referred to Sam as a he when Vincent was talking
Updated the cursors file so you aren't missing newer assets
Added Adarin's sprites into the pack

Mod now supports female Shane mod
Mod now supports Stardew Valley Expanded v1.3.4 mod

Fixed dialogue where Shane referred to Elena as Elliot
Fixed dialogue in the saloon when being confronted by everyone from "right, boys?" to "right, girls?"
Fixed a lot of dialogue for Shane (in the + Shane download), though I'm sure I missed some so please report what you found.

Fixed the marriage sprite issue with Sabrina
Fixed the marriage sprite issue with Alex
Fixed the marriage sprite issue with Sam
Fixed the marriage sprite issue with Elena
Fixed the marriage sprite issue with Harriet
Fixed dialogue for Sam event referring to Sabrina as "Sebastian"
Fixed dialogue for Sam event referring to her as a "he" in the choices
Edited Sabrina's sprite so the wedding sprite is in the right position and moved the umbrella sprites down (possibly messed up mountain event frame)
Edited Sabrina's beach event so the new umbrella sprite locations read properly
Edited Alex's sprite so the wedding is in the right position and moved the dinner sprites down
Fixed the names for Karmylla's Immersive Maps - SVE EDITION for those that are using the mod with SVE
Fixed the new event for Harriet in SVE to refer to her as Harriet instead of Harvey
Fixed Harriet's animation while reading the book when married
Editing Alex's beach event so the frames are right
Removed Shane from the girlfriend confrontation and girls night playing pool events in the Saloon for the version w/o her, but didn't test

Way too many things to list.
Added a config file.
Let me know if there are any bugs, I know for a fact I fixed the Sabrina issue, not sure about Sam's issue at the pool table.

Fixed wedding sprites FINALLY (Minor bug, some people like Sam the day of the marriage will have a wedding sprite when kissing.) 
Added support and checked all 14 heart events with the new bachelorettes. 
With the way I fixed marriage sprites I set the default sheet to be like the original male sheets, there may be a few bugs with events so please report those if seen. 
May have missed some new dialogue, please report those too! :)

Added support for StarblueValley so it doesn't break Sabrina riding the bike.
Fixed some dialogue in Sabrina's 10 heart event. 
Fixed some frame animatoins in Sabrina's 4 heart event.

Added support for Stardew Valley Expanded again.. there wasn't really much new dialogue compared to before, like one new line and some events slightly changed. If I missed anything, please let me know.
By default it's turned to false, so if you use SVE you need to go in the config and turn "StardewValleyExpandedInstalled" to "true"

Fixed dialogue for when you marry someone who wasn't a bachelor before. (It was saying wife and wife instead of husband and wife.)
Fixed Alex's broken schedule during the winter.
Alex now goes into the womens locker room to work out! Mods that modify the locker room may break this mod now, though.
Fixed the "womens item" dispenser, it previously said it was Alex's locker.. didn't make sense.
Alex now has a proper locker in the women's locker room!

Fixed more SVE things I missed related to Harvey -> Harriet
(Sophia dialogue, Olivia dialogue and marriage dialogue, Victor dialogue, new events)
Removed the config option for SVE and made the mod check if it's installed instead

Fixed marriage dialogue if the player is female getting married!
Fixed Sabrina being called Sebastian in Sam's 2 heart event!

Removed the separate mode for NPCMapLocation fix and made it work in the main one
Fixed the bathroom again for Alex.. Somehow I deleted it
Edited Morris dialogue to refer to Shane as her
Added Shane's marriage sprite.. somehow I forgot that
Fixed a loop with Shane's 6 heart event
Fixed Evelyn calling Harriet a "young man"
Fixed a choice saying "Tell Harvey it was an accident"
Fixed a loop in a SVE heart event for Elena
Fixed Morris dialogue
Fixed a typo in Sabrina dialogue

Organization (finally)

Updated to 1.6

Bug fixes from updating to 1.6