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Better integrates Inworld's AI Mod and adds content pack support.
Important: Made for the Stardew Valley 1.6 alpha, experimental version for 1.5.6 available. (0.9.0)!

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Normalize AI

by Platonymous
AI DIalogues are shown with a Dialoguebox.
Generates Random Dialogue so you can talk to an NPC forever without using chat.
Adds contentpack support for adding or altering Brains.

Important: Made for the Stardew Valley 1.6 alpha, experimental version for 1.5.6 available in optional files. (0.9.0)!

The mod on it's own does nothing.
With Inworld's AI Villagers installed, it alters the mod in the following ways:

AI Dialogue is shown in a Dialoguebox not a speech-bubble or in chat.
You can continueously talk to an NPC and a new random dialouge will be created,
this way you can have the AI powered dialogues without having to use the chat.
(chat prompts still work if you want specific dialogue)

1.1.0-alpha fixes some bugs and adds a way to initiate Dialogue from a specific prompt:
In Events you can use the command NAI_Prompt followed by the name of the npc, followed by your prompt to initiate an AI dialogue.
(which could be a question you want the NPC to answer or a statement you want them to make)
Example: .../NAI_Prompt Abigail Talk about Sam's hair/...

For Dialogues from the dictionary you can write NAI_Prompt: followed by your prompt instead of specific dialogue, when injecting dialogue to an NPC.
"spring_2":"NAI_Prompt:Talk about Sam's hair"

Inworld is buid on OpenAI's GPT-3, so you can engeneer your prompt beyond just initiating a normal chat.

Added auto translation for different languages
not for chat prompted dialogue(1.3.0-aplha), does not work in all languages
prompts for NAI_Prompt dialogue still need to be written in english.
1.3.0-alpha also gives the ai more context for their responses

Additionally the mod can be targeted by contentpacks to add or alter brains without manual edits required by the player.
The contentpacks need to include a manifest.json and a config.json

    "Name": "AI Character",
    "Author": "ModAuthor",
    "Version": "1.0.0",
    "Description": "Talk to my powered Character!",
    "UniqueId": "ModAuthor.ModId",
    "UpdateKeys": [ "Nexus:0000" ],
    "ContentPackFor": {
    "UniqueID": "Platonymous.NormalizeAI"

  "brains": {
    "MyCharacter": {
      "character": "mycharacter",
      "workspace": "...",
      "api": {
        "key": "...",
        "secret": "..."

If you have any questions or feature requests you can usually find me on the Stardew Valley Discord under the username Routine#8715

If you like my mods and want to support me, you can do so via Paypal or on Patreon.