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Talk to AI-powered villagers! Engage in unscripted, real-time conversations with your favorite characters, and even create your own custom NPC, powered by Inworld. Wanna learn more?

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⬇️ Installation
  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  3. Run the game using SMAPI.

💬 Usage
  1. Walk up to a character in Stardew Valley.
  2. Press 't' to open chat menu.
  3. Enter a message, and press 'Enter' to send.
  4. Enjoy the interactive responses from the character in-game!

🛠️ Configuration
The mod can be configured by editing the config.json within the mod folder.

🧠 Brains
By default, there are 33 provided brains. Each character found in this config file is already associated with a Inworld Studio character that is ready for conversation in-game. The configuration can be edited to use your own Inworld Studio characters in-place or in-addition to these.

"Character Name": {
"character": "character-name",
"workspace": "workspace-name",
"api": {
"key": "ApiKey",
"secret": "ApiSecret"

The example above shows a brain for the Stardew Valley character "Character Name", this "Character Name" must match the character's display name in-game. Characters not included by default can be added by creating the character from Inworld Studio, and adding the entry here.

The 'character' and 'workspace' fields correspond with the URL in Inworld Studio.

⚠️ NOTE ⚠️ The workspace and character values are case-sensitive!

The 'api' 'key' and 'secret' fields correspond with an api key and secret generated from the Integrations tab within Inworld Studio.

Note: By default, 'key' and 'secret' are simply 'null'. A 'null' api key/secret will only work for characters that exist in the default 'stardew-valley' Inworld Studio workspace.

⚙️ Settings
"settings": {
"interact_distance": 5.0,
    "interact_glow": true,
    "max_display_length": 75,
    "min_display_time": 1.0,
    "max_display_time": 3.0

The 'interact_distance' field corresponds to the max distance an NPC can be away from the player to interact.
The 'interact_glow' field corresponds to if the targeted NPC will glow while being talked to.
The 'max_display_length' field corresponds to the max display text length before it is wrapped.
The 'max_display_time' field corresponds to the max amount of time a line of text should be displayed.
The 'min_display_time' field corresponds to the min amount of time a line of text should be displayed.

⚠️ NOTE ⚠️ This mod will only work well for English language setting. This is a limitation of AI training data in order to generate conversational responses.

Inworld AI

💫 Create living, breathing characters powered by advanced AI
Inworld AI characters have their own personalities, thoughts and behaviors based on the profiles you create for them. They’ll come up with their own responses, feel emotions and develop memories – just like humans do!

🪄 No coding required
To build a new character, simply describe your character in natural language and use our drop-downs and draggable sliders to configure their traits. It’s intuitive and easy.

🌿Natural interactions
Players can communicate naturally with your characters like never before. There’s no need to script dialogue and behavior trees – just create your characters and let Inworld’s powerful character AI engine do the rest.

🏗️ Highly configurable
Tailor your character’s identity, motivations, role, hobbies and interests, personality, mood, personal and common knowledge, dialogue style and more.

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Create your own characters using
Inworld Studio.
Chat with other character creators on Discord.