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Ever wondered what your fruit orchard would look like in tasteful(?) pastels? Wonder no longer!

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Welcome to the Content Patcher edition of Blossom Trees! Now you can have 300% more pastel tree goodness in spring without having to torch your XNB files. It still makes zero biological sense for cherry trees to be bearing fruit while blossoming, but who cares? Not these trees!

Other than updating to the Content Patch Pack (CPP) format, the only change from the original is that the snow colors for the Starblue Valley versions of this file to bring them into line with the upcoming Starblue update. I said versions because both vanilla and Starblue now also offer the option of having orange trees with their leaves. Why? Because oranges are evergreens! You can also flip through the various winter tree versions with a quick edit to the content.json file for this mod. (See readme for details.) Please note that I will no longer be supporting the older XNB version of this mod.

All the previous changes have carried over, so we still have blooming white apricot trees, lavender apple trees, and peach peach trees (ha), with big red pomegranate blossoms during summer. We have pale green orange and pomegranate trees in spring, deeper-toned green leaves in summer, and a bevy of reds, oranges, yellows, and greens in fall. All packaged with desaturated tree trunks for max aesthetic.


  • Install SMAPI v2.5.2 (or later if available).
  • Install Content Patcher v1.1.
  • Download the version of Blossom Trees you want.
  • Navigate to your Stardew Valley > Mods folder and unzip. That's it!

To uninstall, simply delete the BlossomingTrees folder from your Mods directory. No muss, no fuss.

Terms of Use

Edit these for personal use to your heart's content. If you wish to upload the edits, please contact me first to obtain permission.


Pathoschild and f4iTh/JertsukkaTheMan for SMAPI and Content Patcher. There's no way I could have completed these as quickly or as beautifully without Chisa's reshaped fruit trees, upon which most of my edits are based. If you don't like my trees, check hers out! Also, screenshots are taken using Phantom Farm, whose unknown creator was the hero I needed. 

Mods Used
Map recolor: Starblue Valley (mine)
Lamp Post Recolor: WIP
Seasonal Paths (winter): WIP
Butterflies: Elle's Critter Replacements