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Never underestimate a droid. Adorable droid companions that provide utility buffs.

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This mod combines PeacefulEnd's Custom Companions with aedenthorn's Buff Framework to create Star Wars droid sidekicks that will follow you around, make cute droid chirps, and provide unique utility buffs. 

Droids are summoned by equipping rings that can be purchased from the Dwarf. They will teleport back to your side if they get stuck on objects or get too far away. 

Included Droids & Buffs:

BB-8 - Lucky Droid 
-Farming +1
-Fishing +1
-Mining +1
-Foraging +1
-Luck +2

R2-D2 - Loyal Droid
-Farming +2
-Fishing +2
-Mining +2
-Foraging +2
-Defense +2

C1-10P "Chopper" - Spectre Three 
-Farming +1
-Fishing +1
-Mining +1
-Foraging +1
-Luck +1
-Attack +2

1. Download and install the required mods. 
2. Download this mod's .zip file.
3. Unpack the zip into the "Stardew Valley/Mods" folder created by SMAPI.
4. Run the game with SMAPI.
5. Buy yourself a droid.

Thank you to
Pathoschild for SMAPI
PeacefulEnd for Custom Companions
aedenthorn for Buff Framework
ZeroMetres for SAAT - Audio Toolkit

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