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Greenhouse map expansion with the added trees from JsonAssets in mind.

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Erossavia's Tree Happy Greenhouse, now with options! The original map is still up and available for download. It works with Content Patcher--they all do.

If you want the Greenhouse minus the Tree Spaces, then you'll want to download the file marked Erossavia's Not So Tree Happy Greenhouse.

Want more sprinkler friendly plots? Then you want to go for the Sprinkler Edition. However, let me point out the trellis plant rows have not changed. I've not yet figured out how to make those more sprinkler friendly while keeping the layout nice and easy, but when I do, I'll be sure to put out an updated sprinkler edition.

Some plot sizes did change. As did one wall...I scooted it over a couple of spots to fix the first two plots you see when entering the greenhouse. Please pick up any machines, chests or crops before changing maps to prevent things from getting stuck in the wall.

To get the darker look seen in the screenshots, you'll want to download and install A Toned Down Stardew Valley . Lovely mod. Gets rid of all that nasty orange glow--er, I mean brightness. Enjoy your new farming space.