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Hi there. I'm a 40something disabled mom of four. Why mention the disabled? Because it affects my memory and at times, my behavior. I live in a constant state of pain that medications don't always help and never fully make go away. I use gaming to help keep myself distracted and to get me through the day when I'm home alone.


I started playing Stardew in late November when my husband bought it for me on the Switch for my birthday. I got Stardw on the computer before Christmas so I could play with all the pretty and interesting mods you could find here and on the Chucklefish Forums. That started a little niggling voice in the back of my mind that led to me trying to figure out how mods work.


I've been playing with map making/expanding for less than two weeks at the time of this writing, and I shared my first map expansion today. I'm so nervous over that, and I hope I did everything correctly (the memory thing). I'm in awe of all the talent here on the forums, and I hope I can learn at least a little from everyone here. My only pitfall is art... I can't draw a straight line to save my life. My attempt at making myself a washer/dryer set for the game turned out embarrassingly bad.


I'm planning to get into the world of dialogue mods soon. But my rusty romance writing skills back to work.

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