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Sprinklers, but better.

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Better Sprinklers Plus



A fork of Better Sprinklers by Maurício Gomes (Speeder).

Sprinklers, but better.

Originally by Maurício Gomes (Speeder), maintained by JamesCodesThings, updated for SDV 1.6 by gingajamie.

Edit Sprinkler Coverage
Pressing `k` (configurable) allows you to change the coverage of each type of sprinkler.

Activate Sprinklers Manually
Right clicking (configurable) or hitting the "Check" controller button (Controller A) will activate the highlighted sprinkler.

View Sprinkler/Scarecrow Coverage
Pressing `F3` (configurable) allows you to show the coverage of the highlighted sprinkler.

Data Layers
This mod is compatible with the great Data Layers mod. You can use Data Layers to view sprinkler coverage, along with a bunch of other useful stuff.

Balanced Mode
In balanced mode, the sprinklers you have cost money every day. The amount is configurable, or you can turn it off.

The default, is 0.25G per tile covered per day, rounded to the nearest whole G.

Quality Sprinklers cost half the cost of Normal Sprinklers.

Iridium Sprinklers cost half the cost of Quality Sprinklers.

Pressure Nozzles half the cost of the sprinkler.

Q: What!? Did you implement bills in my cosy game?
A: Yeah, I did a little. Don't worry though, you can turn them off, change the amount, basically ignore it if you want.
It felt like the most immersive way to balance the mod. The previous balance increased the cost of sprinklers, but that's one-off.

Q: What if I run out of money?
A: Yeah, your sprinklers stop sprinkling.
Same again, configurable.


See The Github Repo for an up to date description of the config options and how they work.

Version History
See The Github Repo for an up to date release history.

A fork of Better Sprinklers by Maurício Gomes (Speeder).

The goal of this fork is to maintain and rebuild the current version of Better Sprinklers.

The original developer has understandably lost touch with the mod.

I was starting a modded playthrough and loved the mod, but noticed some bugs shared by the wider community.

I decided to pick up the torch while I'm playing Stardew and give a little back.
I'm Updating the mod, fixing the bugs I'm aware of, and adding some features I'd like to see.

r/iama: Senior Software Engineer in the midlands in the UK. A loving father and when the kids are asleep I get a chance to play some games.

You can find more about me at

Found a Bug?
Please report it in Github Issues.