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Adds 8 new hairstyles to Fashion Sense!

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hello! this is my first second official fashion sense mod, so if there are any bugs, please let me know!

did you ever wish that you had more hair for fashion sense? 
if so, then this is the mod for you
 ( •̀ ω •́ )✧


adding 8 new hairstyles to fashion sense, this mod will leave you feeling like a star!


all the sprites were made by lemonsjh, i just converted it to fashion sense!(yes i did get permission to post it)

to use, unzip the file and place it into your mods folder! then open stardew valley, use the mirror and then in the hairstyles area, they should pop up!
all of the hairs are re-colorable btw

please go check out the original mod when you have the chance!


mods used in pictures
Lucas from SDS
Luoli's clothing
Kyuya's hats and accessories pack
GH'S Peach Body Type (chubby)

if you don't want to use the XNB version, there is a content patcher version
Lnh's Super Farm
Pigeon Mailbox
The Coquette Collection
Medieval Buildings
Elegant Scarecrows
Yet another dog mod
and of course.....
the original CRABBIT'S new hair mod!

ps. if you want me to convert a mod for you to fashion sense, feel free to contact me via the nexusmods fourm