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Replaces default dog with a pug (fawn, black, abyss or silver) and pug sounds.

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Based on the original Derpy Pugs mod by Slimberton.
I tried to get in touch with him but I got no reply. The mod seemed abandoned and I noticed a lot of people had issues on the comment section.  - I was since able to get in touch with Slimberton whom gave me permission to continue his work.

Thanks Aelinore for submiting a better recolor of a black pug/in-game photo.
Derpy Pugs 2


I loved the original mod but it doesn't seem to work properly and crashes when joining the beach event (soundbank issues).
I then decided to improve upon it and add a couple of new QoL features. This should make the mod more compatible going forward as the previous version was still based on replacing XNB files.

These are the new features included:
  • Fixed crash on certain events. (Marnie and Shane cutscene, beach market event)
  • Fixed other sound issues (Emily Parrot no sound)
  • Updated to work with Content Patcher (easier installation)
  • New colors (Silver & Black & Abyss)
  • New menu (change colors in-game - Requires Generic Mod Menu)

You'll need SMAPI, Content Patch, Generic Mod Menu (Optional) and Audio Content Patcher for everything to work.

Install Instructions:
  • Download all the necessary dependencies mods above (follow their own instructions.
  • Extract the folder into your StardewValley\Mods folder
  • Make sure you have selected the 1st dog option during character select (or edit your savefile).

Planned Features:
  • More pug sounds so they don't sound as repetitive.
  • More pug colors?

Color submissions appreciated :)

I am very bad with pixel art, so I tried my best with the recoloring. If you're better at it than I am, let me know and I'll add your pugs in. :)
Black pug recolor updated (08/07/2023).
Feel free to submit new colors.