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Change your farm map layout into one of 4 new designs which ads more interest and use to your daily farm life. with a total of 4 bodies of water, 2 elevated pieces of land and Grandpa's shrine made into a more special spot, these layouts are both pleasing to see as they are useful. Make the most out of your Grandpa's memories on this farm.

Permissions and credits
I am no longer focusing on keeping these mods working with updates and therefore can't promise they will work as intended.

As a big fan of Stardew Valley, hopefully, future game artist, I hope you will enjoy my farm layout as much as I enjoy it myself.
I am not a big fan of the standard farm layouts, except for the Hill-top/mining and Wilderness/Combat farm. I don't like the huge amount of space the other layouts give me or nice to navigate. This made me want to make my own layouts after using a lot of amazing layouts from Nexus and Chucklefish forums.

Introductions aside... This is a set of 4 maps. It's basically the same core design with a few tweaks.
Each layout has 4 bodies of water, 2 elevated pieces of land and a more forest surrounded bottom area, hill-top like top area. Grandpa's shrine has been made into a special spot and the Greenhouse is now surrounded by pots which I thought would add for better scenery.

Below you'll see the differences per layout. These are also made to function according to the names given but you could change the file name of the XNB files of course.
There is the:
  1. Mining:I edited the mining layout for this map so in one of the versions I kept the Quarry in the bottom left.
  2. Fishing:Quarry has been turned into a regular piece of land. Could also be put to use as a Combat farm.
  3. Foraging:Quarry has been extended downwards and turned into a forest/plain land. More green patches.
  4. Standard:Quarry has been extended downwards and turned into a forest/plain land. The river has been removed from bottom pond to create more useable space. Only map with flower lilies on water.
  5. Clean:This is the same map only with nearly no debris. Debris might spawn in though. Need to remove the "clean" part of the name in order to use like below.

To use:

  1. Locate your farm.xnb files in your StardewValley folder.
  2. Backup those original files in case you want to change them back.
  3. Select the farm.xnb files you want to use from my mod. (Use the images added/information above to know which is which.)
  4. Copy them (only the XNb file) and overwrite the original files.
  5. Start a new game with the layout you chose.
  6. Enjoy!

Bug Fixes:
Version 2.0
- Fixes the Greenhouse issue where tiles went op top;
- Added "Clean" versions of the map;
- Newly rendered images uploaded of the maps: Clean - Debris, previous ones were blurry;
- The updated README file inside the download on how to use the "Clean" maps.
Version 1.2
- Fixes the Greenhouse issue where it was impossible to enter;
- Fixed placement of some bushes/edited the spouse area;
- Makes some small cosmetic changes. (Top hill area behind shrine and house.)
Version 1.1
- Fixes impassible tiles in front of the shrine;
- Removes bushes in front of the greenhouse;
- Makes some small cosmetic changes. (To river and shadows.)

This is my first mod. Please understand if there are still some small bugs or errors in the file.
If you do encounter some issues please let me know!