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Increases dwarf scroll sell prices by default, and is also configurable.

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Why and How - 

All artifacts should have some value, and the dwarven language seemed unappreciated with a sell price of 1G. Now you can set them to whatever you think is reasonable, or leave it if you like my defaults. You can change it directly through the config.json file, or with Generic Mod Config Menu, you can change it in game through a nice interface.

Update - 
  • Now works on 1.6 (it didn't have errors, but didn't actually change anything if you use the old version)
  • Updated logic to make changes take effect after you save them, both in and out of game.
  • Changed the default values.

Default Prices - 
Dwarf Scroll I - 40 G
Dwarf Scroll II - 80 G
Dwarf Scroll III - 120 G
Dwarf Scroll IV - 160 G

Compatibility - 
Unless another mod modifies the dwarf scroll prices(maybe if it overhauls artifacts in general), there should be no issue. Even if there is, I think all that would happen is that one overrides the other. Feel free to leave a post or bug report if there is something weird.

See also - 
If you want to make a similar mod and see how I did things, then check out my GitHub