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Adds unique Mead icons for the Honey from Wrong Artisan Good Icons.

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NOTE: This mod is currently broken in SV 1.6 due to no Mead support in Even Better Artisan Good Icons. If/when there is Mead support, I will update this mod.

This mod will add Mead icons for all the Honey possibilities in Wrong Artisan Good Icons.

This includes:
-All Fruits
-All Vegetables
-All Forage (except Sap)
-Green Algae
-White Algae
-Sweet Gem Berry
-Golden Pumpkin.

Please note that this mod does not add the ability to make unique Meads from these items; it simply adds Artisan Good Icons if you have a mod capable of making them and also have Better Artisan Good Icons and Better Mead Icons installed.

Two spritesets are included:
-Mead bottles have labels (default, same style as used in the original Better Mead Icons packs)
-Mead bottles have no labels (like the vanilla in-game Mead)

Name whichever one you want to use as "mead.png".

If you have another mod that adds icons for some of the same items and would like to use that mod instead for those specific items, then rename the folder of my mod so that it loads first in SMAPI (ex. "[BAGI] aa Wrong Mead Icons").