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A fast-paced and heavily inspired minigame for fishing in bulk.

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Weekly fishing trips that reward players with large amounts of fish, provided the boat doesn't sink.
Modifiable gameplay via Ancient Flags, a unique reward which are occasionally found after successful fishing trips.
Special rewards, such as the Angler Ring or Trident, offer unique boons outside the minigame.
Split-screen and online multiplayer are both supported, allowing for multiple deckhands to help out.
Adjustable difficulty and other settings via Generic Mod Config Menu.

Before you can start your career as a deckhand you must first reach the requirements to meet Murphy.

Standard Requirements:
  • Reach the needed fishing level (by default level 3)
  • Repair the broken bridge found on the beach
  • Read Willy's letter of introduction to Murphy

Murphy visits the town once per week (by default Wednesday) and can be found on the beach. More specifically he can be found on the far side docks, across the repaired bridge and past the tide pools.

When first meeting Murphy, he will inform you of the duties expected of a deckhand and offer you a position aboard his fishing trawler: The Dawnshard.

Once Ginger Island is unlocked and certain requirements are met, Murphy will offer the player the ability to start fishing trips from the island. These trips are separate from the standard town visits, allowing players to perform two fishing trips per week (though not on the same day).

Ginger Island Requirements:
  • Repair the resort at Ginger Island
  • Read an additional letter from Murphy

Note: The day that Murphy appears can't be set to the same day as his normal town visit.



Fishing Trawlers is multiplayer compatible. To join another farmer's fishing trip, simply be on the same dock as Murphy before the ship departs.

There are some caveats to keep in mind:
  • The rewards are calculated individually, meaning each deckhand's fishing level determines the fish they catch.
  • The trawler will only fly the flag of the person who initiated the trip. The flag will affect all deckhands.

This mod utilizes i18n, which allows translators to easily translate the mod's text via one file.

If you're interested in translating this mod, see this link on the Wiki for details on how: and this file for default.json to translate.

If you have translated the mod, please open a pull request on the mod's GitHub repository with the relevant i18n file.

Currently this mod supports the following languages:
  • English
  • Korean - Translated by KAYA
  • Turkish - Translated by zenychan
  • Portuguese - Translated by Sora, Roxas-Alt
  • Spanish - Translated by Amaurym
  • Chinese - Translated by qqq253673732, Puffeeydii
  • German - Translated by inselgeist97