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Recolors and retextures items, buildings, craftables, and weapons to be a delightful pastel blue and/or much cuter! Fixes and new additions to Rosalie's Cute Valley - Blue which I fell in love with, but has been broken for some time.

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⋆。 ゚☁︎。 ⋆。 ゚☾ ゚。 ⋆。 ゚☁︎。 ⋆

Welcome to Cute Valley In Blue!

(Not game-breakingly so, but the invisible items will be prominent.)

Recolors and retextures items, buildings, craftables, and weapons to be a delightful pastel blue and/or much cuter!

Now back, alive, and almost up to par with its pink variation with new plans on the horizon for more to come. The original Cute Valley - Blue was so much less cared for than its pink counterpart and a LOT of content was just... never made blue. For me, who loves blue more than anything in the world, this was a big bummer. On top of that, the old CV-B was never updated after its original upload in 2019 and has been broken for some time. A large portion of items were missing, the beds were gone entirely, and it just looked weird going to sleep on the floor every night.

Thing is, I loved the look of things like they were when they showed up and I absolutely adored them all. So it inspired me to revive it, and add onto it. I have taken it upon myself to add some missing pieces and make things cuter, like they are in Cute Valley - Pink.

Even a huge chunk of the items included in CV-B weren't actually blue. I recolored what was left, changed the strawberries to blueberries, and added my own recolors. The vast majority of this has been recolored and tested by myself.

The entire code was re-written to contain each new item. Some of the originals remain, but a large majority were re-done entirely.

For right now, there are very limited variations, but I'm working on making more as I go. I'll be adding more images of each variation as I get them. You can edit which ones, if any, you want enabled by changing the files config.json file by changing the Option or True to "False".

I'm not an artist and this is my first time working with pixel art, so please let me know if things look off or anything - Not all pieces I changed I have seen in game. I've mostly been editing things as I see them in my own playthrough.

⋆。 ゚☁︎。 ⋆。 ゚☾ ゚。 ⋆。 ゚☁︎。 ⋆

Current To-Do List
In order of priority:


★ Update to match the Pink version in variations and styles.
⋆ More items and weapons, etc.
★ Fences fix
⋆ I have attempted to clean up and fix what I was able to find as far as floating pixels and visual glitches found in the original files for the Cute Valleys, but it's still WIP.
⋆ The originals of these are only limited to one direction and disappear if not facing forward.
⋆ When tested with the recommended More Buildings for Cute Valley Blue by BeneathThePlass, there is a compatibility issue. I am currently working on a fix for this but it continues to be eluding me why they interact at all. Fixed! Big thanks to Plass for helping my tiny smol brain!
★ Test with Multiple Spouses beds.
★ Mint + Mint chocolate chip colors
★ Purple colors
★ Generic Mod Config in-game menus to allow to change between variations without exiting the game entirely?
⋆ I've already kind of started on this, but it's just that I have vastly underestimated the actual amount of things I changed and how long it will take to do this, and AT looks much more simple to use for this.
  Done, but not required!
★ Alternative Textures Compatibility?
⋆ I have not even kind of touched AT because for the most part I really only use the one texture for any given thing, so I don't use it myself, but I see its appeal. One day I hope to make this compatible with that, but of course, if anyone beats me to it I would not be offended.
★ Add in Pink options? This would allow for people to choose between several options of the Cute Valleys.
⋆ I will ONLY do this if it is asked of me, the original Cute Valley - Pink is still mostly functional. If you want both, you'll have to turn off options in one file if you turn it on in the other.

⋆。 ゚☁︎。 ⋆。 ゚☾ ゚。 ⋆。 ゚☁︎。 ⋆

☁︎ Requires Pathoschild's Content Patcher and SMAPI to function.
☁︎ Highly Required: Generic Mod Config Menu by spacechase0 to view the in-game UI so you don't have to exit game entirely to edit variations!

☁︎ More Buildings for Cute Valley Blue for Content Patcher or for Alternative Textures by the lovely BeneathThePlass.
☁︎ Cute Blue Seasonal Garage and Tractor by PokeGirlGamer22.
☁︎ Starry Blue UI (Content Patcher) by sqbr

☁︎ Cute Valley - Pink by the gorgeous original creator of Cute Valley - Blue, Rosalie - For the most part the pink variation is still mostly functioning. See Current To-Do list. PLEASE NOTE THAT AS OF THIS TIME YOU CAN ONLY HAVE EITHER BLUE OR PINK INSTALLED AS-IS SINCE THEY WILL OVERRIDE EACH OTHER. If you want both, you'll have to turn off options in one file if you turn it on in the other.
☁︎ Addy468, whose creations are used to replace some furniture and the beds, recently released her originals to be AT compatible. Please note these are untested with this mod! Her work is adorable and is a large reason why the pink version looks so cute.

⋆。 ゚☁︎。 ⋆。 ゚☾ ゚。 ⋆。 ゚☁︎。 ⋆


✩ Originally created by Rosalie both here and from her original Chucklefish Forum post. Thank you so much for all the inspiration to me and many others!

Shout out to these two for basically making adorable as hell assets and then just saying "Have at it" to the rest of us by allowing us to use their assets/art freely:
✩ House and Stable designs by Maleha. Seasonal versions created by me.
✩ Greenhouse and some furniture designed by barfyscorpion. Fixed to be functional by me.

✩ The default beds and some furniture/art were originally designed by Addy468 back in 2016 and were used in the release of Cute Valley - Pink. Some pieces were recolored to blue by Rosalie, and what was left pink was then changed to blue by me.

These next two mod authors are no longer active - even before Rosalie - but will be mentioned in respect for their beautiful work:
Scarekitties by Jinxiewinxie.
✩ Flower designs by taintedwheat.

Thanks to Rosalie for her blessing in moving forward! ʚĭɞೃ❀