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Anime HD portraits for Stardew Valley Expanded!

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Here are the Anime HD Portraits for Stardew Valley Expanded (an absolute must-play mod!). I admit, I stayed too close to Jier in a few of the generated portraits - but I can't wait to start my next play-through already!

As in the Anime HD Portraits mod the romancable bachelors have been genderswapped (though the portraits of Victor is ambiguous in regards to gender).

The different options for Sophia (older/make-up) aren't included as I've never used them myself.

The next update will be the portraits to Xtardew Valley and I will even add full body naked versions of most of the girls - so that should be something new! Update: and this is now done! Find the mod HERE!

Quick FAQ:

- Will you do seasonal portraits?
- As mentioned on the main mod it is simply too overwhelming a task. So sadly, no.

- Are these AI-generated?
- Yes they are. Unstable Diffusion with Anything v3.

Make sure you have the following mods installed in advance:

1. Content Patcher
2. HD Portraits
3. SMAPI - StardewModding API

4. Stardew Valley Expanded
And to complete the set: Anime HD Portraits

Hereafter downloading the main file, copy or cut the unzipped folder named Anime HD SVE Portraits to your Mods folder

Furthermore, since the mod genderswaps (at least) two bachelors, consider getting:

Lannah - Female Lance and Romanceable Rasmodia - Female Wizard

For general genderswapped female sprites and dialouge changes go HERE.

Credit to Jier and PaulDunstan for their work but for me personally:

- VileBeggar, for his help and explanations. Find his female versions HERE (has Krobus and Dwarf)
- swyrl, for her efforts and guidance.
- Darklich, for his strides in integration for Xtardew Valley.
- My mom, for saying I'm a sweet and handsome boy.