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An elegant recolor of town interiors

Permissions and credits
  • Complete recolor of all the town interiors and spouse rooms, compatible with SVE and RSV. 
  • Note that the wall of Haley's room has been modified and might not be compatible with other mods which also modifies that map.

Known conflict:
flower valley (interior door will show flower valley's door instead.)

Yri's Project Yellog SVE (some tiles would be vaniila)   FIXyou can either 1. rename the folder of this mod (to something like "[CP] z_Elegant Town Interior" ) so it loads after project yellog, or 2. combine the png "spring_z_extra" in the SVE folder of this mod to the pngs "{season}_z_extra" in Project Yellog's folder using apps like photoshop.

  • 城镇室内/配偶房间的美化,与SVE以及RSV兼容。
  • 注意:海莉卧室的墙壁被我改动过,可能与其他更改海莉房间地图的mod不兼容。

flower valley 花谷 (室内的门会显示花谷的门。)
Yri 的 Yellog风格SVE (有些地方会显示原版画面)解决方法你可以选择 1. 重命名此mod的文件夹 (列如“[CP] z_Elegant Town Interior”)只要smapi先读取yellog风格sve再读取这个mod就行。或者 2. 如果你会合并,可以使用ps之类的软件把此mod的SVE文件夹里的"spring_z_extra"图片与Yellog风格文件夹里的"{季节}_z_extra" 图片们合并。

  • Dustbeauty for inspiration and asset of small plant pot.
  • Yellog for inspiration.
  • Catmao for motivation of project and asset for billiards table.

  • Dustbeauty 灵感来源和小花盆的素材。
  • Yellog 灵感来源。
  • Catmao 启发我开始做这个mod,和桌球桌子的素材(好绕)。


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