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Add a tree that can be built on the farm from the construction menu.
New farm customization can be achieved by growing densely together, which is not possible under normal circumstances.
There are also different versions of palm trees and mushroom trees that normally cannot grow on farms.

Permissions and credits
"Buildable Large Trees Pack" is required.

The four regular tree types have the same open conditions as the ”Buildable Large Trees Pack”.

The liberation conditions for palm trees and mushroom trees are...


Normal trees are implemented as furniture in other mods, which are more convenient, but require "PyTK" to use, and using "PyTK" has the problem of long loading times, so I created this mod.

The graphic trees in the other mods...
Added in version 1.1.
"Simple Foliage" (Created byAzrashar / Uploaded bydugongkebalik)
((Thanks for giving me permission to use ASSETS!))

Added in version 1.2.
"DaisyNiko's Earthy Recolour"(Created byDaisyNiko)
((Thanks for giving me permission to use ASSETS!))

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