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adds new seasonal forageables and crops to Stardew Valley

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese

Forage Info on Atelier Wildflour Spreadsheet --> CLICK HERE

  • adds new foreagables to discover across Stardew Valley
  • spawn in different areas in different seasons
  • Flowers: Calico Vanilla, Cherry Blossom Petals,  Forest Lavender, Forest Chamomile,  Gem Isle Jasmine, Marsh Mallow
  • Nuts: Calico Pistachio, Grampleton Walnut, Cindersap Cinnamon, Gem Sea Cashew, St Cannoli Almond
  • Herbs/Vegetables: Pelican Mint, Cindersap Cinnamon, Ferngill Tea Leaf, Fern Isle Olive, Wild Red Onion and Wild Carrot
  • Fruits: Petite Lemon, Wild Strawberry, Wild Raspberry, Petite Lime, Wild Cacao Pod
  • Mushrooms: Milky White Mushrooms, Chicken of the Woods, Honey Fungus Mushroom, Wheatberry Mushroom, Meringue Mushroom

  • Atelier Pixerelia, who I commission regularly for sprites and who allows me to modify them
  • Mizu of Mizu's Flowers and PPJA who made their crop sprites available to us all <3
  • Bo ( who created the new lemon and lime sprites and trees! 
  • Cally who allowed me to bring their cacao pods over from Marshmallows in Stardew!)
  • Lala92876, rivieris, CreepyEevee59, Drakyem, PurplePrincess and all my translator friends
  • SDV modding discord community for their continued love and support and friendship <3

Currently Available in English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French and Korean as well as Spanish, Portuguese and German as secondary downloads on Nexus (see Translations dropdown at top of page for links)

For Traditional Chinese players - our friend Lala92876 has written this helpful forum post HERE

Compatible with PPJA, Raffadax, Forage of Ferngill and (should be) with most mods!