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Makes almost everything look like you are warped into the zelda universe!

!!!please read the discriptions first !!!!

Permissions and credits
Pls Read dicriptions first !!!

u can support me here --->

I will work on an 1.5 version in the future <3 

for a more Zelda feel try this awsome mod with it --->DeepWoods


changes almost everything outside into a  LTTP style ^^ stuff like:

-all Farm  buildings (no clock)
- Links House +upgrades (seseonal)
-some item texture changes(like bombs and milk)
-other chests 
-some livestock animals
-ground textures all seasons 
-death desert 
-nicer looking grass
-little map changes (horse freindly town) -going to places where are unreachable foraging items(i still need to update that sry) will provide an optional file <3)
-the cat is a sesaonal changing  deku srub (the dog is vanilla)
-some decorations items
-some zelda masks and a hats
-some zelda weapons
-some walls and floors
- all monsters
- all Valley Buildings are redone
- Witchswamp changes
- critters
- the Summit is reachable(i still need to update that sry) will provide an optional file <3)
- warp points are animated(i still need to update that sry) will provide an optional file <3)
even more secret woods by   Kaoak (is includet in this mod)(i still need to update that sry) will provide an optional file <3)
- epona is by zhuria here is the link --> here (is includet in this mod)
- two  Musik Versions  SentaiBrad --> here 2. by  Squidthulhu1 (is includet in this mod)

The Wave Bank will freeze your game if you try to initiate Shane's 4 heart event, and Emily's 2 heart event.
You can avoid this by swapping the modded Wavebank with the original before initiating these events.
You can swap the original back out for the modded Wavebank after finish the event.

when you are  doing a new game its nice looking with the foraging map

but when you are not doing a new game you  must install the bushreset  mod --> here  (SMAPI is needed for this)

and type when you are in  game  world_bushreset in your Console from Smapi ..(it deletes some bushes and reaplaces them for teh new areas) 

to install my Mod  :

For Content Patcher Version : put the [CP] ZeldaOverhoul Folder to your Mods Folder! shoose one of the  Wave Bank.xwb and  got to you Stardew Valley Folder--->Content---->XACT and replace it with the current one!
(i know not the best solution for musik will provide something else for this in a future update)

Updates so far:

Edit: -the new dinosour is in now 
- fix some the coursors details now its bit easier to use it 
-changed some stuff in the titlescreen
-fixed some pixel at the bushes

Edit2:- witchswamp tiles are in now
- goron and zora now in ^^ 
- updated the hats (fox mask ,deku mask and better hero hat )
- change the lamps in the town map #
-addet some critters in ^^

Edit3:-wintertilset update and some other stuff
-alternitiv cows are in 
-the coursors.xnb has some changes
-trees and cuctus(for dessert) is in now
-NOW zelda themed musik and other sounds^^(isnt by me is by  SentaiBrad )--> here
-springobjects update (milk as example)
-chest recoulor is in
-scarecrows are in ass well
-critters like bees and some birds

Edit4:- Content Patcher version for 1.3 Only Ö-Ö has no map changes (cousing pixel crab ) cant do something until 1.3 is full out >->
- i even updates some stuff in the Content Patcher version (Monster cabins and some Titlebuttons Stuff)
-Did some Pixel changes and Craftables and all the stuff i updated ass well 
- the cat is a seasonal changing dekuscrub Ö-Ö Dog is still Vanilla
Edit5:- well forgot to put the musik with the Content Patcher file ^^ there are now 2 diffrent files for the music now to shoose from (couln´d decide which is better )
the first one is from Squidthulhu1 the second is still from Santaibrad 
- with the Content Patcher Version u must put the music file Manualy in you game !! 

Edit6:-update for 1.3:i made most of the pixel crab go away there is still the stuff i can only manage with the map changes
- i also addet more floor stuff  and  recoulored some of the orginal ones 
- changes the plank stuff at the beach its not so bright anymore 
- i addet the new lamps to the town ^^
- will update the other files later! 

Edit7:-map changes are here again and ...i did a summit ö-ö also the path to the summit is there now  ...i also did some pixel fixes on the tilesets ..and the first 4 townbuildings ^^ u can now play the new content patcher version works with 1.2 and 1.3 beta ^^ u just need the right Smapi and Content Patcher Versions for it.

Edit8: - well i addet even more secret woods by   Kaoak its very fitting ^^ so i asked for permission so its in now =) (o also addet some picture so u can see the map changes ^^ )

Edit 9 : all Valley Buildings are done Ö-Ö ( ass) ..and i made some pixel fixes (like the dot in the sommer seseon)...and i changed the warp points ^^ 

EDIT 10: I finally had time to update the mod ^^ it now playable with 1.4 and includes new stuff <3 ...i made a new ui for example ^^
but i must also say i had no time for all my map changes ...becouse i need to redo them completly Q.Q...and ther are 1 or 2 things that are still not perfekt buldings with missing roof pieces ..and the  big tree in the woods...but now u can use the mod with all other map changes so far ^^ 
IN Plan for next Updates:
-music mod version for ...the music of couse
- more characters
- Sewers
- Mines
- more livestock Animals
- always Bug Fixes when there is something to fix

Did i ever mention that i did some easter eggs as well ?!