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A cute feline re-texture for your scarecrows.

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Are crows all too happy to pick on your crops? Are the regular scarecrows not adorable enough for you? Do you feel like you need more furry feline friends on your farm?  Fear not, these catcrows are here to help!

These friendly felines come in two varieties: regular cats and themed cats.  Both sets come with a png so you can combine them with other craftables without taking the extra step of extracting them!


-Back up your save file(s).
-Make a duplicate of the original Craftables.xnb file in the tileset folder and put it into another folder (so you can return back to your regular scarecrows at anytime).
-Replace the Craftables.xnb with the one from the cat pack you downloaded.

**If you're already using someone else's craftable mod, you're going to have to extract the files from the xnb and then combine them in png format in paint.net or another graphics editor. 

About the Cats

Regular Cats

Orange Tabby - Replaces the regular scarecrow.
"Peaches", or Tan Spotted - Replaces the spring scarecrow (ladycrow).
Chocolate cat with Dark Brown Boots - Replaces the fall scarecrow (witch).
Black Tuxedo - Replaces the summer scarecrow (Radishhead).
Solid White - Replaces the winter scarecrow (snowman).
Tortoiseshell Cat - Replaces the casino scarecrow (alien).
Calico - Replaces the Dwarf scarecrow.
Gray Tabby - Replaces the scarecrow you get when you donate 20 artifacts to the museum (raccoon).
Seal Point - Replaces the scarecrow you get when you donate 40 artifacts to the museum (tiki head).

Themed Cats

Nekomata/Lucky Cat - brings prosperity to the farm by driving away evil crows.  Replaces regular scarecrows.
The summer Luau cat- a hard working dancer cat who keeps crops crow-free with her lovely dances.  Replaces the Radishhead/Summer Scarecrow you can get at the Stardew Valley Fair.
The witchy fall cat - adds a little magic to your farm in addition to looking cute.  I couldn't keep radishhead, so I made it look like Gigi for the Studio Ghibli reference!  Replaces the Fall Witch scarecrow you can get at the Halloween event.
The  Out of this World Cat - it came here to scare crows and chill out from the far far away cat's eye galaxy.  I'm not a fan of regular green guy aliens, but boy do I love cat aliens.  Cookie cat was my other idea but I think I prefer this guy's color scheme more.  Replaces the Alien bought at Qi's casino.
The Winter Bundled Up Cat - No cold will deter this festive kitty.  Replaces the winter snwoman scarecrow bought from the traveling saleswoman during fall and winter.
The Spring Cherry Blossom Cat - A gentle cat in a season full of turbulent weather.  Inspired by cherry blossom Miku Hatsune!  Replaces the spring scarecrow you can get at the Flower Festival.
The Iridium Cat - doesn't provide irridum, but sure looks swell next to that statue grandpa gave you!  Replaces the Dwarfcrow you can buy from the dwarf.
Adventure Archaeologist Cat - Not only does he defend your crops, he kindly reminds you that any artifact you just found belongs in the museum.  Replaces the Raccoon Scarecrow Gunther Gives you after you turn in 20 artifacts at the museum.
Bast- the cat goddess can only be earned after 40 artifacts are donated to the museum, impressed by your riches.  Replaces the Tiki Head Scarecrow you get after you donate 40 artifacts to the museum.

You can contact me on artfromsaturn.tumblr.com if you have any questions or trouble using them. c: