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About this mod

Changes the vanilla hot air balloon to a fancy one.

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I made this mod for Harveys Harvey 10 heart event, the hot air balloon. Turns out it also changes the bookkepers baloon for update 1.6!

You can change color every season, even keep the games original baloon for a season :D

  • Purple balloon with dark wood and gold metal
  • Pink balloon with light wood and silver metal
  • Pink balloon with dark wood and gold metal
  • Blue balloon with dark wood and gold metal
  • Green balloon with dark wood and gold metal

Have an idea for a new color? Why not write a post and I will try to make it happen :)

How to install:

Download the file by using "Manual Download".
Extract or Unzip the file
Place file in you mod folder.
Run the game once through SMAPI

When inside the game
Go to the mod menu
Select "Hot Air Balloon"
Change color in the drop-down menu


  • You can now change color every season! Still needs playtesting, but should work!
  • Added new balloon colors!
  • The manifest should be updated now to version 1.0.6! Thank you honorelle for pointing this out :)
  • Thanks to AirynS the Main File now contains both the purple and the pink options - Thanks again for the help :D
  • Added a pink version, is in the Optional files. Use only one option.
  • Version 1.0.6: The manifest.json file wasn't picked up by SMAPI but it should be fixed now. I also moved a sprite in the Cursors.png because a pink square was showing. 
  • The mod is being updated do to issues! [08-08-2022]  - Should be fixed now, thank you AirynS for the help :D

I'm using this mod Seasonal Outfits - Slightly Cuter Aesthetic in the shown picture

This is my first time modding and doing pixel art so feel free to come with any feedback :)