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peachitto and barfyscorpion

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a kitchen, crib, and wood trim to match barfyscorpion's furniture set

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here is the matching farmhouse to barfyscorpion's furniture set! it includes 4 different options for the kitchen/island kitchen and crib, and a couple different matching white wood trim for the walls. as of 1.1 there is also a matching minifridge replacement.

what's configurable?
  • the farmhouse kitchen color: blue, pink, mix, mix white, or false
  • the island kitchen color: blue, pink, mix, mix white, or false
  • the crib color: blue, pink, mix,¬†mix white, or false
  • the wood trim: base, white, or false
  • the minifridge: true or false

you can see all the color options in the previews (the fireplace is just for show but can be downloaded separately in my barfyscorpion furniture set). the blue and pink options are meant to match the blue and pink furniture sets. the mix option has wood that matches the white barfy used for other furniture, and the mix white option matches the white barfy used for their white trim walls. the base wood trim matches the mix kitchen (and i figured the blue and pink well enough), and the white wood trim matches the mix white kitchen. is that pointlessly confusing enough? :'D

i did make everything from scratch (i mean i did use vanilla assets as always) but i'd still like to credit barfyscorpion for the inspiration! it's a shame they never finished their kitchen. u_u

as far as compatibility, obviously can't be used with anything else that replaces the kitchens or crib (unless you disable mine ofc).
unfortunately replacing the trim in the farmhouse also affects towninterior, so while it can be used with other interior mods, whichever one is further down your mod list (alphabetically) will be the one in effect. you can of course just disable mine... or add a dependency to the manifest... :0