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peachitto and barfyscorpion

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a conversion of Barfyscorpion's furniture, walls, and floors for Alternative Textures - with some additions!

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i've had barfyscorpion's furniture and walls/floors set in my game in one way or another ever since it was released, so that was something i wanted to try to bring into the present with Alternative Textures. since barfy allows modifications/conversions of their assets without permission i went ahead and did this pretty quickly.

i have included every original piece barfyscorpion made, as well as some of my own unofficial, simple add ons to fill out the style collection, so to speak. i tried to make sure everything had a blue option and a pink option. i did slightly edit some of barfy's original pieces but i don't think it will be noticeable. it was mostly standardizing shadows and stuff.
oh, and barfy's original tv that i included looks messed up when you turn it on due to it not being the same size as the tv it replaces. this was an issue in barfy's original mod as well, but they replaced a table with it instead. i wasn't personally bothered by the tv looking offset when i turned it on, but i thought i would give a heads up.

i also added several new walls and floors (color wise) because i'm insane. barfy's original walls and floors are outlined in red in the previews, so all the others are options i added. i actually made a lot more walls (just different combos with the "new" wood colors) but i thought it would just be way too many to scroll through. :') i also am 99% sure there's a vanilla wall (the yellow wood) and vanilla floor (the yellow carpet) but they match with barfy's set so i wanted to keep them together.

as always there are more textures than what is shown in the previews, but i did try to get a large variety this time!
i also made a matching farmhouse because i don't know when to stop. (you can see it in the previews) that will be uploaded soon. uploaded here!

barfyscorpion for the original set that i love so much <3
ennoevlys for the CP and CF version that i have been using (check that out if you'd rather that than AT!)