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Gives Leah's ex a more androgynous appearance.

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This mod is a simple sprite change for Leah's ex, Kel, designed to mitigate the whole "Leah is hypothetically bisexual since she is always interested in the farmer but the game seems to imply she's either gay or straight by making her ex exclusively the gender of your farmer, which is even weirder if you're trying to play as a gender-neutral character and it seems to insist your farmer's body type is one of those binary genders" issue.

This mod doesn't change Kel's pronouns, and that is solely because Hanatsuki's Gender Neutrality Mod already accomplishes this. Both mods are functional together! I highly recommend Gender Neutrality if you're looking to get rid of various binary limitations of the game. Otherwise, Leah's ex will use the same pronouns as your farmer.

Obviously, this mod is no more than an aesthetic change, and any gender can look like anything. Standards of what is considered "androgynous" also vary by culture and location. But if the strict body type differences in the character sprite variations for Leah's ex feels weird for you, or if you just like the look of this sprite better, this is the mod for you.

Requires: Content Patcher and SMAPI.

How to Install: Follow the installation procedures for Content Patcher and SMAPI. Download this mod, extract the zip file into a folder, and place that folder in your Stardew Valley Mods folder.

Recommended Mods:
Gender Neutrality Mod by Hanatsuki - Makes Stardew Valley nonbinary friendly
Generally a good mod. In it, Kel uses they/them. Compatible with Androgynous Kel as of 1.0.

I do not have any plans to add substantial updates in the future, but if you run into errors, let me know!