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Choose which item types you want each chest to contain, then place all matching items into a given chest at the press of a button.

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Requires SMAPI 1.14+.
Compatible with Chests Anywhere.

Like a lot of farmers, I enjoy keeping my chests neatly organized by item category. I have a fish chest, a vegetable chest, a forage chest, a food chest, and a dozen others, and I spend several minutes at the end of each day sorting the day's haul into the appropriate chests.

With this mod, I can tell each chest which kinds of items I want to keep in it, and from then on, with the click of a mouse (or a customizable hotkey), I can transfer those items into it from my inventory automatically.


  • You can change the stash hotkey by editing the config.json file.
  • If you pick up a chest and put it down again, it will lose its category settings. This is a consequence of the way the mod is implemented and is unlikely to change in the near future.



  • Added optional automatic update checks
  • Removed some more unobtainable items from the menu


  • Fixed a bug that caused the item held by the cursor to be lost when the stash button was pressed
  • Minor compatibility fix for Chests Anywhere


  • Removed various unsightly weeds and debris from the menu


  • Miscellaneous cosmetic changes
  • Play an appropriate sound when stashing items


  • Expanded the set of items available for categorization
  • Fixed bug that prevented stashing items after throwing something in the trash
  • Added item tooltips in categorization menu
  • Updated save file format