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the kitchen recolored to match my old furniture recolors. also includes a crib and minifridge recolor.

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in updating my old Furniture Redone mod, i noticed there had actually been some interest in the kitchen from the screenshots. so i finally bothered to make it into its own mod. :'D so this is exactly that, plus a lighter version to match some of the other, slightly newer, furniture recolors i did. as of 1.1 there is also a matching minifridge replacement.

what's configurable?
  • the wood color: dark or light
  • farmhouse kitchen, island kitchen, crib: true or false
  • the minifridge: true or false

as i said in my update to the furniture for my initial mod, i don't have any interest in continuing creating with this palette/style. i only upload this because it was basically done! :'D so no fireplace, no walls, floors, etc. if i do create anymore furniture/interior stuff it will be different. thank you for understanding~