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Cuter monsters and maps for The Mines, Farm Cave, Witch Cave, and Skull Caverns. The monsters still try to kill you though ;)

Permissions and credits
This provides new maps and sprites for The Mines, Farm Cave, and Skull Caverns. I haven't created specific content for the the Quarry/Volcano or dangerous levels but some changed elements may show up. I didn't change the slimes or coal sprites because they are already pretty cute. Shadow Brutes are the same so as to not mess with Krobus.

Pair with Harmless Monsters or Pacifist Valley if you want cute monsters that don't try to kill you.

I've used some creative commons sprite resources, as listed in the credits. Asides from the specific licenses associated with those files, people are welcome to modify and re-use this mod as long you give me and the other artists credit. 

Mine Levels:
1-29: Forest. Bunnies, butterflies, and a little guy in a hat.  
30-49: Mushrooms and fairies.
50-69: Winter in the outdoors. Robins and holly.
70-89: Winter/Christmas indoors. Snowmen or Santa. 
90-109: Hot pink! Fairies and a little guy in a red hat. 
110-120: Overgrown ruins. Flowers and strawberries.

Skull Caverns: The farm. Scarecrows and chickens.

Farm Cave: Forest.

Witch Cave: Mushrooms.

Quarry: The Secret Forest in Fall.

There is a toggle to have a general Winter theme or Christmas, and separate toggles for the mine maps, caves, and monsters.

Installation Guide:
Install SMAPI and Content Patcher.
Download the file and unzip.
Put it in the Mods folder.

Either edit the config.json file to set these to true or false, or use Generic Mod Config Menu.
EditMaps: replace mine maps
EditMonsters: replace monsters
EditFarnCave: replace the farm cave
EditWitchWarpCave: replace witch warp cave.
Christmas: Levels 70-79 become Christmas/Feast of the Winter Star themed, with Santa and presents instead of snowmen and a fireplace. There are green and striped rocks in levels 60-79.

1.0.0: Initial release

1.0.1: Toggles for Christmas, maps, and monsters.

1.1: Skull Caverns added. Fixed a few bugs, notably that Christmas=false made large frost rocks vanish.

1.1.1: Replaced uncute City at Night with cuter Dark Mushroom theme.

1.2: The farm cave changing is now optional instead of being a bug accidental undocumented feature >.> Also fixed a bunch of minor visual bugs.

1.2.1: Made cave toggle also affect witch warp cave. Fixed some more minor visual bugs, and a bug where the pirate cave got edited (it looked bad, which is why it's not included in the EditCaves toggle).

1.3: Added the quarry.

1.3.1: Added separate Witch Warp Cave and Farm Cave toggles.