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This is a simple dialogue-only mod to give Shane back some of his personality and character after marriage. There are two versions: one with birthday gift reminders and occasional commentary, and one without (a Russian translation is also available).

Permissions and credits
General Note About 1.3: Due to time constraints in real life, I will most likely not be updating my mods in the near future.  There have been significant changes to how the game works in terms of the code, we don't know for sure that nothing else will be changed after the beta, and I am not familiar with the tools necessary to make mods compatible.  Once everything is ironed out after the update, I'll look into compatibility as soon as I have time.  Thanks for your understanding.

This is a simple dialogue-only mod to give Shane back some of his personality and character after marriage.  Full text can be found in the info file.

*There are two versions:
-Birthday reminders: All the new dialogue, plus Shane will tell you if it's someone's birthday that day and mention one or two of their favourite gifts.  He will occasionally comment on their gift tastes.
-No birthday reminders: All the new dialogue minus the birthday reminders.

User tharannassy has translated this mod into Russian!  The Russian files can be found in the miscellaneous files section.

To use this mod, back up your original MarriageDialogueShane.xnb file and replace it with one of the included files (rename NoBirthdays to match the original file name if you use that one).  SMAPI not required.  Please contact me if you find any broken dialogue, typos, or portraits that seem to be incorrect for their text.  I will do my best to fix it.

What changed
-Lines that made him sound like a 24/7 lazy deadbeat.  I don't believe that's true to his character as established through the heart events.  He hated being unemployed and feeling useless.
-Related to the previous, more suggestions that he's working around the farm.  Of all the singles, I think he would've adjusted to farm life the easiest after living on Marnie's ranch.
-Lines that engage more directly with the player and make it sound more like a marriage--asking them questions, wanting to spend time together, etc.
-More lines referencing his depression, regardless of heart level.  ConcernedApe handled his depression respectfully and I wanted to make sure that it stayed realistic and didn't go away just because some good things happened.
-More date-specific lines, particularly birthday reminders (if that file is selected) and festival commentary.  This is more of a QoL and bringing extra life to the town thing than a specifically Shane thing.
-For technical reasons, lines about kids are more vague to be equally applicable for those of us who mod kids into pets.  They should still work with regular kids, but the one about sweet corn may be a little weird.

What did not change
-The fact that he still drinks sometimes.  He said he would cut back rather than quit, and that is reflected in this mod.
-The fact that he's not a typical romantic.  He's got sweetness to him, but he doesn't directly express it often or particularly well.
-His ridiculous love of all things pizza and pepper poppers, though I did change a couple of lines (such as the pepperoni one).
-Which food items he gives the player.
-Obviously for technical reasons, dialogue that isn't stored inside his marriage file (events, non-farm locations, and generic marriage dialogue).  Many lines from the original file were left as-is or just given a different portrait.
-The general tone of SV's dialogue.  There are a few suggestive lines, but nothing explicit.  Depression references are mild to roughly as dark as his heart events.  One or two very vague references to suicide.

Known Issues:
-Occasionally the dialogue bubble goes away when clicked without revealing any text (most commonly in his room during rain).  However, this also happens without mods.
-Birthday text is occasionally overridden, presumably by higher-priority text.  When in doubt, check a calendar.

Changes in v1.1:
-Fixed a typo in the patio dialogue of both files.

WARNING: Do not download this mod from any place other than NexusMods or the Chucklefish forums! WWW.STARDEWVALLEYMODS.NET STEALS MODS AND UPLOADS THEM ON THEIR WEBSITE WITHOUT PERMISSION. DO NOT download any mods there! If you see my mods anywhere other than Nexus or the forums, please link me to the site asap. Thank you!