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Some Chrono Trigger objects added as furniture using the Custom Furniture framework.

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This mod ports some objects from the SNES game Chrono Trigger as furniture using the Custom Furniture framework.
With version 1.1.0, selection includes the Magus statue from Manoria Cathedral/Medina Square, the Ozzie statue, more decorations from Zeal, some decorations from Magus's Keep, some decorations from Prehistory, some decorations from Present/Middle Ages residences, and some decorations from Guardia Castle.
While the residence decorations are mostly from the Present era, in which the town of Dorino doesn't exist, I went with Dorino for flavor text because it sounded better than Truce or Porre.

Note that these are not hand drawn, but ports of the exact sprites.

AS of 12/3/2022, this has now been ported to DGA: Chrono Furniture for DGA