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Adds Galaxy Slingshot, Infinity Slingshot and Enchantments for slingshots. Also permits using more objects as ammo.

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This mod adds the unused Galaxy Slingshot, a new Infinity Slingshot, a set of Enchantments for slingshots and new ammos. It comes with editable configurations for the slingshots. You can see the details below.

New Slingshots:

Galaxy Slingshot

Damage multiplier: x3.
How to obtain: Sold in Adventure Guild Shop after unlocking the Skull Key. Price configurable.

Infinity Slingshot 

Damage multiplier: x4.
How to obtain: You can get after infusing 3 Galaxy Souls on the Galaxy Slingshot. (does not have the tooltip yet)

New Enchantments:

  • Automated: Auto fire on key hold.
  • Bug Killer: Deals more damage to insect enemies. Damage is configurable (default: +50%).
  • Expert: Auto reload the slinghot if you have the same item used as ammo on you inventory.
  • Hunter: Monsters drop more loot when killed (default: +1). Stacks with Burglar's Ring.
  • Magnetic: Projectiles collides with ores. List of ores is configurable.
  • Miner: Ores drops more resources (default: +1). Stacks with Miner Profession.
  • Precise: Deals more damage to flying enemies. Damage is configurable (default: +50%).
  • Preserving: Chance to not spend ammo when shooting (default: 50% chance).
  • Swift: Projectile travels faster (default: 2x).
  • Vampiric: Chance of health recover when monster is killed (default: 9%).

New Ammo:

Radioative Ore: 75 Damage.
Void Essence: 25 Damage.
Solar Essence: 25 Damage.
Petrified Slime: 20 Damage.
Earth Crystal: 20 Damage.
Frozen Tear: 20 Damage.
Fire Quartz: 20 Damage.
Quartz: 10 Damage.
Slime: 5 Damage.


  • EnableGalaxySligshot: If the Galaxy Slingshot is enabled to sell at the Adventure Guild Shop (default: true).
  • GalaxySlingshotPrice: The Galaxy Slingshot price (default: 75000).
  • InfinitySlingshotId: The ID for the Infinity Slingshot (default: 135). Only change if you have conflicts with other mods.
  • SlingshotAutoFireRate: The frequency which a new projectile is shoot with the Automated enchantment (default: 0.5 seconds).
  • BugKillerEnchantment_Damage: The extra damage of Bug Killer enchantment (default: 1.5 = +50%).
  • PreciseEnchantment_Damage: The extra damage of Precise enchantment (default: 1.5 = +50%).
  • HunterEnchantment_ExtraDropsAmount: The amount of monsters extra drops of Hunter enchantment (default +1).
  • MinerEnchantment_ExtraDropsAmount: The amount of ore extra drops of Miner enchantment (default +1).
  • PreservingEnchantment_PreserveChance: The chance of not using ammo of Preserving enchantment (default: 0.5 = 50%).
  • SwiftEnchantment_TimesFaster: The projectile extra speed of Swift enchantment (default: 2).
  • VampiricEnchantment_RecoveryChance: The chance of health recover on monster kill of Vampiric enchantment (default 0.09 = 9%).
  • MagneticEnchantment_AffectedStones: The list of stones that the projectile collides when slingshot has Magnetic enchantment. You can find the ID's here.
  • ItemsThatCanBeUsedAsAmmo: The list of items that can be used as ammo and the respective damages. You can find the ID's here.

1. Install latest version of SMAPI.
2. Place the EnhancedSlingshots mod folder on the mods folder of your game.

1. Remove the EnhancedSlingshots mod folder from the mods folder of your game.


  • Initial Release
  • Fixed enchantment bug on game saving. *WARNING*: If you have any bugged weapons, please discard them and use CJB Item Spawner to obtain a new one or the game will still crash.


If you have any suggestions or bugs to report, please leave a comment on the "POSTS" tab.

Thanks to:
  • People of Stardew Valley official Discord for help on questions

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