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Beyond the secret woods lies an enchanted grove waiting to be tended...

Permissions and credits
This map was designed with both beauty and function in mind. At 120 x 120 tiles, it boasts plenty of room for you to freely plan your farm. There are very few ridges or terraces here - just lots of open meadows with breathtaking views!

  • Lots of open space (120 x 120 tiles) spread across 4 quadrants
  • Several decorative features for the map which can be toggled on and off via GMCM or the config file, allowing you to create your own customized enchanting ambiance.
  • Seasonal tilesheets (and mushrooms that match if you have them enabled).
  • A dock in the center of the map which allows you to swim in the lake to regain energy.
  • Forage spawns
  • Access to the minecart system once repaired in the Community Center. With the MinecartPatcher mod, you can use it to travel both to and from the farm. Compatible with Integrated Minecarts.
  • Customizable waterfall colors designed to match Yri's Project Yellog - Modular Water Recolor
  • NPC barriers around the foliage so your animals can't hide from you under it. Foliage can be walked under by the farmer.

This map is only compatible on devices that have Stardew Valley 1.5 or later!

Once you have downloaded and extracted the mod to your Stardew Valley/Mods folder, do the following:
  1. Open Stardew Valley via SMAPI
  2. When creating a new save, expand the farm options on the right hand side (see the Images section for examples). You will see an option for an additional map called "Enchanted Grove Farm". Select it.

If you're really looking for that coveted secret-fairy-mushroom forest aesthetic, I HIGHLY recommend the following mods to go along with this map. Although they are not required, they really do help foster the immersion!

  • Add compatibility with SVE Nexus warps

  • This project was heavily inspired by terrabubbles' Witchy Crystal Farm and with their permission, I used some tilesheets from that map. Please go check out their work!
  • The waterfall assets were created by FlashShifter as part of the Stardew Valley Expanded mod (which I HIGHLY recommend to anyone!) and used with their permission.
  • The woodsy 'background' sprites were created many, many years ago by Artspace and they've been on my hard drive for a long time. According to their readme files their artwork is available for redistribution and editing so long as it's for non-profit purposes.