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Adds bees and bumblebees to your farm!

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IMPORTANT! Requires SMAPI 1.14+ and Custom Critters by spacechase0.

Hello! I love bees and they are so important for the environment. It's a little sad they're not in the base game, considering you can have bee hives and such. This mod makes it so the bee houses/hives in your game have a chance of spawning little bees around it!

How to install:
Unzip and copy paste the folder 'eemie.bee' into Mods\CustomCritters\Critters

To adjust the settings:
Open 'critters.json' into a text editing program like notepad++.
Edit "Chance": 0.90, into something like "Chance": 0.60, to decrease the chance of them spawning. 0.90 = 90% chance of  spawning 1 bee around a bee hive.

Help, my bees aren't spawning!
Don't panic, it happens. Critters don't spawn everyday. There's a chance of them not spawning a couple of days in a row.

Help, something broke!
Please refer to spacechase0 to report a bug (ha ha bees are bugs too) if you think you found one. I merely did the artwork and animation for the bees!

When do the bees spawn?
They spawn in spring, summer and fall and on sunny days. 

Where can I find the mods that are shown in the gif?
I made them, you can find them here.

Help, I have a lot of money and I don't know what to do with it!
That's great, maybe donate some of it to a charity to help bees?

If you have money to spare, please consider donating to a charity that helps to save the bees!

Do not redistribute. If you find this mod anywhere else (i.e. 3DM or it was stolen from here. Do not support those sites.