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This mod combines all the "Someone Sells Something" mods made by me into one file

Permissions and credits
I made quite a lot of "Someone Sell Something" mods, and having to install all of them was quite annoying. By popular demand I merged all those mods into one, making it a lot easier for the user to use the mod.

You need Shop Tile Framework for this mod to work.

This mod includes:

Clint Sells All Artifacts
Clint Sells Dwarf Scrolls
Pierre Sells Deconstructors
Pierre Sells Fruits
Pierre Sells Horse Flute
Pierre Sells Solar Panels
Pierre Sells Sprinklers
Pierre Sells Tapper Products
Pierre Sells Warp Totem Island
Robin Sells Bee House
Robin Sells Casks
Robin Sells Cheese Press
Robin Sells Hardwood (STF)
Robin Sells Heavy Tappers
Robin Sells Kegs
Robin Sells Looms
Robin Sells Mayonnaise Machine
Robin Sells Preserves Jar
Robin Sells Seed Makers
Robin Sells Tapper
Sandy Sells Gems
Willy Sells All Community Center Fishes
Buy Battery Packs at JojaMart (the Robin version)

Pierre Sells Strawberry Seeds all year. The mod by it's own is in the Optional Files.

Willy Sells Seaweed and Algaes. The mod by it's own is in the Optional Files.

Pierre Sells Mini-Shipping Bin (this is not a mod by itself)

Pierre Sells Fairy Dust (this is not a mod by itself)

Robin Sells Oil Makers (this is not a mod by itself)

Pierre Sells Mixed Seeds, Seasonal foraging seeds (Spring Seeds, Summer Seeds, Fall Seeds, Winter Seeds) (this is not a mod by itself)

Optional Files: (not added in the main mod)
Pierre Sells Island Items (Pressure Noozle, Enricher, Deluxe Fertilizer, Deluxe Retaining Soil and Hyper Speed-Gro)

If some people ask me to, I will create an individual mod of the ones that doesn't have it (Like Mini-Shipping Bins or Willy's Seaweed)