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Makes Snake Vertebrae fishable on the west side of Ginger Island. No more years and years with no vertebrae even though you fished up 100 snake heads! No more save scumming for artifact nodes!

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You can now fish in the middle of the freshwater pond in the west side of Ginger Island for a chance to obtain the surprisingly-rare Snake Vertebrae. The archaeologist kept telling me that I should look for snake spines on the west side of the island, so I went to look for them, digging with my hoe everywhere, fishing hundreds of times in the oceans, the rivers, the ponds, even with crab pots too. Then I looked it up, and apparently it is supposed to come out of artifact nodes... but there were no artifact nodes to find! Was I to destroy my farm and save scum the artifact nodes that spawned on it? No! So yeah, this mod makes snake vertebrae the way I think they should have been in vanilla. 

Can't make it spawn in the ocean part of the region for some reason, but that's probably better anyway. You can change the rate at which they spawn manually. I thought 10% was reasonable since it's only one small part of a map full of water it can be fished out of still, and you need two of them. If you get extras, you know, bone mill...