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Adds a ring that increases the chance of giant crops to be grown.

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Giant Crop Ring

This mod adds a ring which increases the chance of giant crops to be grown if you wear it for at least a certain percent of the day (default 50%). It's sold by Pierre for 5000 gold (can be changed in the configuration), and adds a 5% chance for giant crops to be grown (can be changed in configuration). You can also choose whether the effect should stack for two rings (by default, it does). Edit config.json to change the settings.

Now updated for 1.4!
New in 1.3:
By default, you need to wear the ring for at least 50% of the day for the effect to trigger at night. You can change this number by modifying percentOfDayNeededToWearRingToTriggerEffect in the config.json. It should be between 0 and 1:
  • 1 means the entire day,
  • 0 means none of the day (the effect will always trigger regardless of wearing the ring),
  • 0.5 means at least 50% of the day.
This still works with the double ring bonus: you'll get the bonus if you wear two for at least 50%, but if you only wore two for say 40% of the day and wore one for 50% of the day, you'll still trigger the effect but without the double bonus.

This mod requires SMAPI 3.2+ by PathosChild and the PyTK mod by Routine to work.

Thanks to Prinny~1337 for coming up with the idea and drawing the ring sprite.

Place the 'GiantCropRing' folder in the Mods folder inside of the Stardew Valley folder.

**In multiplayer, all players need to have the mod installed. Also, it now depends on PyTK instead of Custom Element Handler**

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