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Adds Six-Tailed Kitsune as Deluxe Barn animals. Includes multiple colours and unique produce.

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Adds the fabled Six-Tailed Kitsune to Stardew Valley.  Includes multiple colours to choose from and unique produce (both regular and deluxe).
We are extremely grateful to GH who trusted us to faithfully convert their Kitsune Horse/Tractor Mod to BFAV, and gave us permission to publish our version on Nexus.
Varieties of Kitsune:
  • Desert Kitsune traversed the Egyptian deserts with the Sphinx across millennia.  Their fur is thin and surprisingly coarse, yet oddly enjoyable to stroke.  Scented with spiced coffee and rum, Desert Kitsune remain remain dedicated to their nomadic lifestyle.
  • Midnight Kitsune:  Nocturnal Kitsune dance betwixt the shadows and the moonlight, stars guiding their way.  Obsidian fur, deep and luxuriant, emits the aroma of iced honey as it reflects the galaxy above.
  • Himalayan Rose Kitsune:  These Kitsune are tantalisingly fluffy, with an ever-inviting fragrance of cherry blossom.  Yet, they remain shy and aloof, preferring the solitary climbs of the highest altitudes to the dangerous lowlands inhabited by humanity.
  • Leucistic Kitsune:  These extremely elusive Kitsune are rarely spotted, as they live deep in the mountains where their white fur blends perfectly into the snow.  Their fur is silky and soft to the touch, and always comforting if they trust you enough to caress them.
  • Spirit Kitsune:  Keepers of the Gates of Heaven, these majestic beasts help lost souls along their path to nirvana, or, unless the sins weigh heavy, to the vale of unimaginable torment.  Their fur is a contradiction:  soft yet cool to the touch, musky with sweetness and spice.
Unique Produce:
  • Crystallised Kitsune Tears (Regular):  As Kitsune sleep, immense eyes emit excess water, dew crystallising around their dreams.
  • Mimic Soul Pearls (Deluxe):  A false Soul Pearl, offered by Kitsune to fool thieves seeking to plunder their true treasure. 
Known Issues with Balance:
  • Currently the Pearls (Deluxe Produce) are dropping far too frequently.  We have tested extensively, and cannot find the cause.  The BFAV variable “DeluxeLuckChance” does not currently appear to be working. If anyone knows the solution to this, please do let us know and we will update the mod immediately.
  • We have balanced the mod so the Kitsune earn significant money, akin to an Ostrich.  This feels right, given their fantastical and legendary status.  If the Deluxe Produce drop rate can be fixed in future, the prices and frequency of produce will be rebalanced to compensate.
  • Any balancing feedback is extremely welcome – it is one of the most difficult aspects to get right with a mod like this.

Special Thanks
This mod owes its existence to GH on Naver.  They gave us permission to convert their Kitsune Horse/Tractor mod over to BFAV.  We are extremely honoured and grateful to them for extending us this grace and trust.
We are also deeply indebted to Halfwheat who graciously granted permission for us to use their Vulpix Cat Mod as a springboard for creating our Baby Sprites.
We are so happy that acearohippo patiently taught us how to create realistic spheres for the Pearls.  Thank you dearest friend.
Thank you to Paritee for creating the BFAV Framework, enriching our game with so much additional
happiness.  We are immensely relieved that MouseyPounds, KelvinParkour and Lshtech were able to update BFAV for U1.5 compatibility.