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Adjust the number of monsters slays needed for monster eradication goals.

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Stardew Valley has a bit of a grinding factor to it. Parts can be excessive to some. Monster eradication is one of these as many goals are quite high. By the time you reach the goal and obtain the reward you might be somewhat close to end of the playthrough for a given save. Thus maybe not so much time to enjoy and play with your reward(s). Adjusting the eradication goal can ease this grind. So you have less time spent grinding monsters, just for the sake of grinding monsters, to get the goal/reward.


  • Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  • Install via Vortex or unzip the mod folder into Stardew Valley/Mods. 
  • (optional) Install Generic Mod Config Menu for easy config setting management.

Customizable preferences with built-in config menu (requires Generic Mod Config Menu).
You may also edit the config.json file directly.

Monster Percentage
The percentage relative to vanilla monster defaults. 0.5 means you need to eradicate half as many monsters. You can raise the burden above 1.0 should you so desire.

If you lower the eradication goal in the middle of a gameplay save and the new goal puts a monster goal below the current number of that monster you have slayed, then you will never receive a notification of reaching the monster slayer goal for that monster. That goal notification is given at that one monster slay that surpasses the goal. That said, your reward at the Adventurers Guild will still be available when you talk to Gil.

Conversely if you raise the goal and have already received your reward then you will not receive the reward again, and again meeting the new eradication goal. You receive the reward once. If you have not yet collected the reward and raise the goal then the reward will no longer be available until you meet the eradication goal.


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