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A brightened up, slightly modernized reskin for stardew valley fish tanks. Loaded via content patcher. *NEW* Terrarium features!

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A brightened up, slightly modernized reskin for stardew valley fish tanks. Loaded via content patcher. First part of a full fish/tank overhaul.  Does not work with another other mod that reskins fish tanks, including this Industrial Set.

Following the 1.1.0 update, every tank currently has the following config options for almost endless customization:
[Tank]: “original, tank, cage”
[Tank] Top:  “none, strip light, full hood, floating plants”
[Tank] Bottom: ”sand, white sand, black sand, gravel, river rock, red sand, dirt, shavings, straw”
[Tank] Bottom Overlay: “none, colored specks, puddle”
[Tank] Equipment: “none, fish equipment, rodent equipment, heat lamp, hanging nectar feeder, hanging bird toys”

Every tank EXCEPT the Modern Fish Tank also has the following background options:

[Tank] Background: “none, white rock, red rock, grey rock, tan rock, black”
[Tank] Background Overlay: “none, mossy, coral, tropical vines”

and Tank Bubbles On: "true, false" will toggle the appearance of all tanks between aquatic and terrestrial

I highly recommend “Generic Mod Config Menu” for an easier time switching between options in-game, although some options, like tank bubbles, sometimes have to be set manually in-between playing sessions). 

Let me know if there are any issues and I will do my best to address them :)

****1.1.0 Update*******

This new update won’t be particularly exciting for most people, but I’m doing it in preparation for the launch of my fish and critter reskin/additions.

Terrariums are here! Now you can toggle the tank bubbles on or off, play with a host of new features, and (eventually) stick your rodents, birds, insects, and reptiles in there too. Currently, you must choose between all fish tanks (bubbles on) or all terrariums (bubbles off) but we’re working on a fix for that (UPDATE 7/25 Individual tank bubble toggle system is here!). 

Also includes a floating plant addition for normal fish tanks. 

“Equipment” has been renamed to “Fish Equipment” .

I added a lot of config options this time, and tried to test them all, but if I missed one that’s behaving funny let me know :) For some reason tank bubbles must be set on and off manually in the config file, and wont change in-game using CMCM (linked above). If I find a fix I will update. 

If you are updating from the old version, please DELETE it before adding the new one, as some files have changed names. 

Full list of changes/additions:

New Feature:
Bubbles On (True or False - set to False for terrarium aesthetic)

New Tank Option:

New Top Option:
Floating Plants

New Bottom Options:
Red Sand

New Bottom Overlay Option:

New Background Option:

New Background Overlay Option:
Tropical Vines

New Equipment Options:
Rodent Equipment
Hanging Nectar Feeder
Hanging Bird Toys
Heat Lamp

Changes to Existing Options:
Equipment -> Fish Equipment