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My Policies:

  • I have officially have Too Many Mods so please forgive my slowness in pushing updates, but if you report issues I will get to everything eventually.​
  • I encourage edits for personal use; go nuts!
  • Please ask me before using or modifying my work in your own released mods.
  • If you would like to convert any of my mods to a different format (for example, Content Patcher to Alternative Textures) without modifying the content or artwork otherwise, you do not need to ask permission. I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to do this (same goes for translation files!). Just remember to credit me if your published file includes my artwork.
  • If I am not online, posting, or otherwise active for 6 months, all of my mods revert to completely open permissions for the purposes of updating or incorporating into other mods (just credit me for anything used).



My Fish / Critter / Tank Mods


Natural Aquarium Project - Fish Tank Reskin and Terrarium Conversion (CP) - 

Natural Aquarium Project - Fish Reskin (CP) - 

Natural Aquarium Project - Decoration Additions (CP) - 

Natural Terrarium Project - Critter Additions (CP) - 

Natural Terrarium Project - Critter Reskin (CP) - 

Natural Terrarium Project - Random Decoration Reskin (CP) - 

Natural Terrarium Project - Beetle World Compatibility (CP) - 

Natural Terrarium Project - Succulents Compatibility (CP) - 

Natural Terrarium Project - Custom Flying Critters (CC) - 

Additional Aquarium Decorations (CP) - 

Fish Tank Bubble Toggle (C#

Koi Ponds and Tide Pools (DGA) - 

Butterfly Garden (DGA) -

Natural Aquarium Project - Saltwater Additions*

Natural Aquarium Project - Freshwater Additions*

Environment Animals set for Custom Companions*

Creature Book set for all Natural Aquarium/Terrarium Project critters*



My Farm Animal / Livestock / Pet Mods


Breeding Overhaul (C#) - 

Horse Reskin (CP and Adopt&Skin) -

Farm Animal Reskin (Adopt&Skin and AT) -

Blue Tongued Skink Cat Replacement (CP) - 

Kittens Puppies and Foals (DGA) - 

Horse Arena Furniture (DGA) - 

BFAV Bison (BFAV) - 

BFAV Quail (BFAV) -

BFAV Farm Horses (BFAV) - 

Rideable Unicorn (CP) - 

Modern Modular Stables and Gates (CP and DGA)

Extra Stables - Modern Modular Reskin (CP) -

Deer, Alpacas, Camels, Geese, Guinea Fowl, Guinea Pigs, Pigeons, Peafowl, Pheasants, Reindeer, Turkeys, and Yaks*

Coop and Barn Reskin*



My Furniture Mods


Random Furniture Reskin (CP) -

Bed and Crib Replacements (CP) -

Wild Greenhouse Furniture (DGA) -

Modern Furniture (DGA) -

Cozy Rustic Furniture (DGA) -

Cherry Blossom Screen Divider (DGA)

Decorative Inset Wall Shelves (DGA) -

Functional Inset Wall Shelves (DGA) -

Bakery Displays (DGA) -

Fairytale Furniture (DGA) -

Camping Furniture (DGA) -

Thanksgiving Holiday Decorations (DGA) -
German Christmas Decorations (DGA)



My Building and Interior Mods


Enchanted Manor House (CP) - 

Ginger Island Farmhouse (CP) - 

Flora and Fauna Animated Building Skins (CP - Shed and Cabin versions)

Verti’s Sheds Made Decoratable (CDA) -

Wild Greenhouse*


Comprehensive Walls and Floors (AT and CP versions) - Includes all of the following wall and floor sets except Double Wide Hallway Wallpapers.


Natural Patterned Wallpapers (CWF) - Adds new single width wallpapers via Custom Wallpaper Framework.

Utility Wallpapers (CWF) - Adds new single width wallpapers via Custom Wallpaper Framework.

Modern Patterned Wallpapers (CWF) - Adds new single width wallpapers via Custom Wallpaper Framework.

Natural Fish Tank Wallpapers (CWF) - Adds new single width wallpapers via Custom Wallpaper Framework.

Cozy Walls and Floors (CWF) - Adds new single width wallpapers via Custom Wallpaper Framework.


Double Wide Hallway Wallpapers (CWF) - Adds new double width wallpapers via Custom Wallpaper Framework.



Recipes, Crops, and Cooking


Candy Cap Mushroom Cooking (JA) - 

Cupcake Bakery (JA) - 

Artisanal Goat Cheeses (JA) -

Spirits and Brews*

Liqueurs and Cocktails*

Bar and Brewery Furniture*

Fishing and Foraging Recipes*

The Great Cocoa Integration*

Alcohol Vintage Mod*



Misc Mods


Wild Fashion (FS) -

Enchanted Carriage (PTC) - 

Travel Trunk (ES) - 

FS Space Suit*

FS Riding Outfit*

& a few goodies for the Hogwarts Expansion Set*
*Still a work in progress

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