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Allows player to press V to teleport horse to an outdoor location that the player is currently located

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Hello everyone,

This is my first mod that I had created in order to get familiar with creating SMAPI mods for Stardew and eventually create more complex mods. 

Credits come from this thread where I drew initial inspiration. The behavior of the mod is similar to the one found in the link however that mod does not have official support anymore and is not open source so I created one completely separate from the original mod. I have also made the improvement of a whistle audio cue being added to the action without the need for overwriting the games built in audio files.

You can remap the whistle key from the default 'V' to whichever key you desire in the config JSON file. I had created this mod for someone I know that plays Stardew Valley so there is also another feature I added that maps to the 'G' key allowing the toggle of a visible grid overlays. It is a separate implementation of the one found in the game's debug mode meaning debug mode does not need to be enabled to use this feature.

I am open to any suggestions for improvement of this mod. I am also open to any requests for new mod concepts/ideas if there is a want for a new mod.

Tested with Windows version of the game and works using the latest version of the game and SMAPI. I will test with Linux and Mac at a later time and compatibility is not guaranteed.



Version 1.2.5 -
  • Fixed inability to remap hotkeys

Version 1.2.4 - 
  • Update for SMAPI 3.0, internal refactoring, various fixes (thanks Pathoschild)
  • Improve multiplayer support, fixes (thanks Esca-MMC)

Version 1.2.2 - 
  • Sorry for the barrage of updates but this is the last one before I get busy again
  • Added the ability to turn on or off the whistle audio in config file. (enabled by default)

Version 1.2.1 -
  • Fixes severe performance issues while in the forest.
  • If you experience issues in 1.2.0, please update to 1.2.1

Version 1.2.0  -
  • Update to Stardew Valley 1.3
  • Added support for controller and mouse bindings
  • Adds a config flag for the grid feature (disabled by default).
  • All credit to Pathoschild for changes

Version 1.1.1 -
  • Fixes an audio error on Linux/Mac which prevented the mod from working. If audio can't be initialised, it now disables the audio so the rest of the mod works fine
  • Enables update checks in SMAPI 2.0
  • Thanks to Pathoschild for the fixes

Version 1.1.0 - 
  • Removed debug logging
  • Allow horse to be called in indoor locations

Version 1.0.0 -
  • Initial Release