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Are you divorced, but still want to remain friends? Or, would you rather be told off because you're lowkey masochistic? Either way, you get to pick how your divorce goes!

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Welcome to the Divorce Dialogue Overhaul, a CONFIGURABLE Divorce Dialogue Mod!
When you divorced your spouse, did you expect to hear the same line over and over? Did you expect variety? Or, did you perhaps want to stay friends with your ex? Well...

You may ask, "How could I possibly have OPTIONS??"

Here's what's in the mod...
  • 180+ lines of new (edited) dialogue across the 12 spouses from my last mod - 15 for each.
Sound familiar?
  • Well, there's ALSO 180+ lines of new FRIENDLY dialogue across the 12 spouses, 15 for each!
The choice is up to YOU!
There's TWO (2) options: friendly and hostile.

If you choose FRIENDLY:
Your ex will randomly say 1 of 15 lines. By default, their personalities are friendly, familiar. They'll mention friends and family, just like normal dialogue! Also, your ex might be...a bit flirty! You were married, after all, they're gonna tease you with some ~suggestive flirty~ lines!
HOWEVER - if your marriage wasn't quite that ~friendly~, there's an option to turn it off! Just set the config "FlirtyExes" to FALSE (uncheck the box in GMCM, or edit in config.json)! No more flirty exes then!
(note: each spouse (except Penny and Emily, for now) only has 1-3 flirty lines. still, you're absolutely free to turn it off! This config option was made for folks who might not be comfy with suggestive dialogue, or whose marriage was simply not like...that!)
If you try to give your ex a gift, they will basically say "thanks, but no thanks". Just a bit more kindly!

If you choose HOSTILE:
Your ex will randomly say 1 of 15 harsher/sadder sounding lines. Some are angry, some are sad, and some...would rather talk to a parrot than you.
If you try to give your ex a gift, they will say an expanded version of the default divorced gift line.

Please note...
While this mod may change dialogue visually, it does not change the mechanics of the game! You will not gain friendship points or hearts. Your ex will also not accept any gifts. (I'm not skilled enough to look into how that works).
In addition, Generic Mod Config Menu might be very helpful to have! Then, you can easily switch/configure options in game. 

To Install...
-Download SMAPI and Content Patcher
-Download the mod, then unzip and place in your Stardew Valley/Mods folder.

There shouldn't be any! It should fit alongside your other dialogue mods just fine so long as they don't edit the "divorced" or "Divorced_gift" dialogue lines!

If you find any issues (such as typos or incorrect portraits)...
Please let me know! Due to the line basically being forced to be randomized to work properly, I wasn't able to test every single line in game.

Any future plans?
Absolutely! Here's what I'd like to do in future updates...(no promises!)
- Separate configs for each spouse, so you can be friendly with one, hostile with another, etc...(a LOT of work!)
- Stardew Valley Expanded characters added
- More lines for each spouse under each condition
- In-Law lines so family/friends of exes mention your friendly/hostile divorce.

Thank you so much for downloading!