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Customize Health and Energy progression from Skill Levels, Professions, Stardrops, and Snake Milk!

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Inspired by Stronger You I wanted to make a mod that let you control each skill's gains specifically just for my personal use, and as I tried to figure out what combination of settings would give me nice clean Max Health and Energy numbers I looked into how I could change gains from Stardrops as the 34 did not work for me. I just kept adding on to it and decided to release it so here you go!

Feel free to leave any suggestions and feedback in the comments, I may just add them to my future plans! (That I may or may not implement).

NOTE: Stardrop and Snake Milk Vitals won't reflect your mod settings until the dawn of the next day. (Fix coming in 1.1)


  • Fully modular, disable and tweak anything you like.
  • Use Generic Mod Config Menu to tweak settings in-game. (Only on title screen for now)
  • Default settings drag out the Health and Stamina progression making upgrades and combat profession choices feel more impactful.
  • Starting Health reduced to 50 (Was 100), Energy reduced to 200 (Was 270).
  • Maximum Health increased to 300 (Was 205), Energy increased to 600 (Was 508).
  • Option to re-enable vanilla combat skill health gains (5 per level except levels 5 and 10)

  "enableMod": true,
  "enableDebug": false,
  "enableBaseVitals": true,
  "baseMaxHealth": 50,
  "baseMaxStamina": 200,
  "enableStardropVitals": true,
  "stardropHealthGain": 10,
  "stardropStaminaGain": 30,
  "enableSnakeMilkVitals": true,
  "snakeMilkHealthGain": 50,
  "snakeMilkStaminaGain": 50,
  "enableProfessionVitals": true,
  "fighterHealthGain": 20,
  "defenderHealthGain": 30,
  "enableFarmingVitals": true,
  "farmingHealthGain": 1.0,
  "farmingStaminaGain": 4.0,
  "enableMiningVitals": true,
  "miningHealthGain": 2.0,
  "miningStaminaGain": 3.0,
  "enableForagingVitals": true,
  "foragingHealthGain": 1.0,
  "foragingStaminaGain": 4.0,
  "enableFishingVitals": true,
  "fishingHealthGain": 1.0,
  "fishingStaminaGain": 3.0,
  "enableCombatVitals": true,
  "overrideVanillaCombatHealth": true,
  "combatHealthGain": 3.0,
  "combatStaminaGain": 0.0


  • Save file safe with no permanent changes made, all vitals are applied at the beginning of the day and removed at the end. (Inspired by Stronger You).
  • Works with Walk of Life Prestige (Untested, but it "should").
  • Works with mod added Stardrops.

Future Plans:

Next Update:
  • Sleep Vitals, change how much health and energyyou gain when you sleep.
  • Death/Pass Out Vitals, change how much health and stamina you recover with.
  • Change Settings mid game.
  • Categorized Config Menu.
Possible Updates/Features:
  • All Profession Vitals.
  • Friendship Vitals.
  • Food Vitals.
  • Regeneration Vitals.
  • EnergyUse.
  • Needs Vitals.
  • Mod Skill Vitals (Luck, Love of Cooking, Magic).
  • Multiplayer Compatibility (If it isn't already? I have no idea).
  • Change tooltips to reflect settings.

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