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About this mod

This mod adds functionality to the Wizard's Cauldron. If you ever felt tempted to just throw a buncha stuff into it and see what happens, this mod is for you...

Permissions and credits
A 'small' mod idea, that took me waaaayyyyyyy too long to finish...

About this mod:
This mod lets you unlock the Wizard's Cauldron as a useable object, once you befriend him enough...
Using the Cauldron is as simple as can be - just click on it, to open up a special menu, select 3 items, press 'Ok' and watch the magic happen.
Depending on the Ingredients you threw into the Cauldron a variety of effects can happen. Experiment around and uncover special combinations...
But beware... You never know, what the Wizard himself has added to the Cauldron before you....

(The mod should be pretty balanced, as the effects the Cauldron can produce can be (depending on what you throw into it, daily luck and chance) both advantageous and disadvantageous to you (in limits). But i don't want to spoiler too much... try out & find out! Have fun!! :D)

Technical details:
- Due to the nature of this mod it is hard to really get a feeling for the balance so if you have feedback: please don't be afraid to share it with me ^^
- This mod might have bugs in seldom cases (too many combinations possible to test everything), but it should never crash your game (the only thing it can do is... nothing)
- Should work in Multiplayer
- Should not have any problems with any other Mods (except if that mod also touches the Wizard's Cauldron, but even then it might work)
- A bugfix required me to have the farmer drink a joja cola (internally, you will not see that as the player), when certain effects happen, so any mod that changes what Joja Colas do could also affect this mod.
This will be changed with Stardew Valley 1.6 (or possibly earlier, if i find a solution that doesn't require this mod to add further dependencies to any item frameworks)

Let me know if you find any bugs/problems :>

In-depth details:
I didn't want to add the details about this mod at first, as for me Stardew is all about exploring the unexpected, yet i do understand the wish of others to know more about what a random mod from the internet does, so:

- Unlock requirements:

- Possible effects:

Future Updates:
- Bugfixes
- Balancing Adjustments
- Future Version Support

Possible Updates:
- More possible effects
- Multilanguage
- General config
- Configurable vanilla item effects
- Support for items from other mods (Framework)
- Mod comparability
- Visual or audio-feedback for all discovered/used combinations (combometer?)
- Better visuals in general (own buff icon, etc.)
- Open for suggestions!

Patch notes:
- Added Update Key to the manifest
- Bugfix: can now use the cauldron again on the next day (how did that even happen?)
- A bugfix requires the farmer to drink a joja cola on certain effects (more in technical details)

- Init