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Changes Alex's wedding outfit to incorporate traditional Jewish wedding regalia.
Now with seasonal variations :)

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*UPDATE (Feb 14, 2022): This mod is now compatible with Diverse Stardew Valley! Check it out here. :)

**UPDATE: V.1.1.3 [or higher] is now compatible with Poltergeister's Slightly Cuter Aesthetic mod.

This mod changes Alex's original wedding outfit to incorporate traditional Jewish wedding regalia and includes:

- Yarmulka/Kippah (skull cap)
- Tallit (Jewish prayer shawl)
- Different formal suits, depending on the season

At first glance, Alex may seem like a self-absorbed jock, but after getting to know his character in SDV, he has a lot more depth than you'd initially think. 

Thinking of which heritage to give Alex was a little more challenging since I wanted to give him something meaningful to his character and story. After thinking about his story and past, and remembering that Jewish lineage is passed down matrilineally, I decided that giving Alex a Jewish heritage would suit his character really well.

Canonically, Alex and his family aren't super religious, but I think he would want to feel close to his mom and her heritage on his big day with your farmer. 

Mazal Tov! 


UPDATE: V.1.1.3 [or higher] is now compatible with Poltergeister's Slightly Cuter Aesthetic mod. No action needed.

This mod will NOT work with other wedding outfit mods that include Alex. If you want this mod to be compatible with other sprite editing mods, you'll need to either delete Alex's wedding version in those mods or only have this one installed. Having two different mods that change Alex's wedding appearance will not work together and may cause the game to crash.*

**THIS MOD IS NOW AVAILABLE ON CURSEFORGE AND MODDROP!** NexusMods, CurseForge, and ModDrop are the only websites I've uploaded this Mod to. If you see this mod on any other websites than the ones listed, it has been uploaded by someone else without my permission. Please only upload this Mod from Nexus, Curseforge, or ModDrop :) Thank you!