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Extends the dialogue system to support any heart level as a condition with additional features in the works.

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In my Stardew Valley modding tradition I present another mod that doesn't do anything, at least not without a separate mod to provide additional dialogue.

Dialogue Extension is my attempt to plug up the strange, in my opinion, hole of the dialogue conditions only working on even number heart levels, first or later years, and some other minor quibbles. Right now I implement the heart system by looping down from 14 to 1 to find the highest matching value in the vanilla formula.

I have infrastructure for any year and even friendship value, but I wanted it to be generally as close to the vanilla system as I could right now. If you have any other general purpose values I should include feel free to ask.

Down the road, and the bit I'm most excited about though I don't know how popular it will be, I'm going to implement a unique condition API so modders could add their own flavour to dialogue keys and add conditions to trigger them. Some of the basics are in place for that too.

Why am I releasing it now in this early state? Well this thing burned me out bad when I first started working on it just before the harmony update and just let it sit, but it's now updated and running and, while it doesn't have everything I'd like, it's at least someplace to start.