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Adds a programmable home computer to the TV in your farmhouse, and bots which you can program to do work around your farm.

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Farmtronics adds the Farmtronics Home Computer to the TV in your farmhouse.  Simply select it from the list of channels, and the computer will appear, ready for your commands!  Use the built-in help command to learn more about how to use it, and the toDo command to see a suggested series of tasks.  The computer includes a number of built-in demo programs, and has full access to information about your farm, allowing you to immediately put it to good use.

When you have completed all the toDo tasks, you will receive your first Farmtronics Bot in the mail!  These handy cybernetic farmhands can do almost anything you can do: use tools, water crops, plant seeds, etc.  They can also sense their surroundings, and indicate their status by changing the color of their status light or screen.

The home computer and the bots are both programmed in the same language: MiniScript, a new-ish language designed to be especially clear and easy to learn.  MiniScript has an active and friendly user community, so dive in and give it a try!

For more documentation and examples for using your new Farmtronics hardware, please see the Farmtronics Wiki.