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Shane will stop drinking alcohol as you get closer to him. Added new 10 hearts dialogues based on season. Content Patcher version now available, thanks to TehPers!

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Tired of Shane drinking? Tired of the same damn cold dialogue? Well, fear not! I have your back. With over 75 new (including a few changed) dialogues, you'll have something to look forward to when you talk to him next. This mod is mostly PG but there is one dirty implication but mostly as a joke. I'm trying to not over-romanticize Shane as in my head he isn't the one to openly show his feelings. 

This mod will:
  • Clearly state that he is trying to stop drinking alcohol after you reach a certain heart level with him. It was implied in one of his events but never really touched on later on
  • Add a few more dialogues inbetween hearts, for example 4 and 6 hearts as opposed to 2 and jump straight to 6 with absence of anything inbetween
  • Seasonal dialogues! He will now say something different depending on the season and day (only applies when you are on 10 hearts with him!)

I have yet to test this in any season aside from spring but I am quite confident that it will work.

To install, simply extract and copy Shane.xnb from the zip file and paste it into Stardew Valley/Characters/Dialogue. I am planning to expand his marriage dialogue in the near future. Please look forward to it!