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A very simple mod that removes the annoying unremovable clutter of driftwood from the southern side of the beach farm map.

Permissions and credits
This is a very simple mod that removes the unremovable clutter of driftwood from the southern side of the beach farm map. The junk piles no longer hinders the aspiring farmer from building and decorating those spots.

Requires SMAPI and ContentPatcher for one click enable/disable of the map without overwriting the original.
Alternatively, a replacer version that works by overwriting the original map is posted for download. It works without dependencies in case you cannot use these dependencies or do not want to.

Do I need to start a new farm?
No, you can use it on your current farm. You don't need to start a new game.

Does it work in multiplayer?
Yes. I suggest all players in the multiplayer seassion have this mod installed and enabled.
Theres the thing you should know;
*If you have this mod, but your friend in multiplayer playing on your farm, you won't see the driftwood there, and you will play as there is no driftwood there but your friend, if they don't have this mod, will see driftwood there. If you were to walk over that area, you will walk straight on but your friend will see you running through these driftwood piles and he won't be able to pass through them.
*If both of you have this mod, both of you won't see driftwood there.

1- Mod Manager
Simply download with the mod manager, install and enable it.
Mod manager may ask for an elevation of your mods, make sure to do so before launching the game.
2- Manual Download
Download and unzip the folder named "Beach Farm Drifwood Fix by Nosorius" inside the zipped archive into "your drive:\game directory\Stardew Valley\Mods. Game directory depends on the platform you use; steam, xbox, gog etc. For steam, it would look like "SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Mods".

3- Alternative version
This is a file replacer version to work without dependencies.
Manually download the zip file.
Move the file named "Farm_Island.xnb" into "Your Drive:\Your folders\Stardew Valley\Content\Maps".
When prompted for overwrite, choose yes. This will overwrite the original beach farm with the clutter free mod version.
For reverting back to the original map with driftwood clutter, save the original Farm_Island.xnb file inside the Maps folder before the overwrite to a different location and put it back in to restore the map. Alternatively, you can reinstall the game.

You might be interested in my other beach farm map, a vanilla based map of my own concept for the beach farm :)
Beach Farm Remade by Nosorius