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About this mod

An overhauled version of the original beach farm map.

Permissions and credits
What is this?
This is a custom map that replaces the original beach farm. It is based on my concept of a beach farm; virtually a fertile piece of farmland suitable for farming and building with a nice beachfront view.
This map is a detailed modification of the original one. It is as vanilla as possible; it has no custom tilesets, no complicated scripts and code added, no big adjustments to the map itself to avoid any unforeseeable complications.

Versions / How does this work?
I've included two versions for this mod.
The normal version uses SMAPI and Content Patcher.
Thanks for their fantastic work, using their systems ensures just a few lines of code on my end is all it takes to make a call for this map to load instead of the original map, without deleting or replacing the original map file itself.

Alternatively... alternative version is for use without dependencies, it is to directly replace the original beach farm map.
In case there are users that cannot use or do not wish to use these dependencies, they can simply replace the original file with this file to use this map.

Usable in co-op?
Yes. Make sure to have all players have the mod installed.

Do I need to start a new farm?
No, but when you change a map with this for an already established farm, you will still have the pathing from the old map, including things like trees and bushes, which will cause issues. You might see unremovable bushes out in middle of the farm.

Bugs and Issues
No important bugs or glitches.
One minor issue is that when you open the world map by pressing M, you will see a representation of what looks like the original beach farm instead of a representation of this map. I've avoided making edits on the world map itself to ensure just in case an user has any other mods that may also edit the world map entirely, there might be issues of conflict. Since it is only a very minor visual mismatch of a few pixels on the world map, I decided to let it be as it is for maximum compatibility and keeping it hassle-free.

Installation / Uninstallation
For normal version;
Make sure to install SMAPI.
Make sure to install Content Patcher.

If you are using a mod manager (vortex),
Download the file through mod manager, install and activate.
Manager may ask you for elevation of the mods, make sure to do that before launching the game.

If you are not using a mod manager or you wish to manually install the normal version,
Download the file manually.
Extract the folder.
You will need to move the folder "Beach Farm Remade by Nosorius" into "Mods" folder, which is inside your game directory. (your drive:\game directory\Stardew Valley\Mods). Your game directory is based on platform you use; steam, gog, xbox etc.

For alternative version (Replacer. No SMAPI and CP);
Download the file.
Navigate to your game directory. It should look like "your drive:\your game directory\Stardew Valley\Content\Maps". Your game directory is based on platform you use; steam, gog, xbox etc.
Make a backup copy of "Farm_Island.xnb" file to another location.
Extract "Farm_Island.xnb" file you have downloaded into the folder.
Confirm prompt for replacement.
To uninstall and revert back to the original map, place the original file you have saved back into the folder. Alternatively, you can always simply reinstall the game.

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